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What Should My Vision Board Have on It?

Visual memory is indeed the greatest asset man can have. One might forget what he has read or been told, but will never forget what he has seen.

A vision board works as an effective, practical aid on your path to success in this very regard. However, if you thought that a vision board is just another version of a notice board, you need to think again!

Well, a vision board is a physical manifestation of what you want in life. It is actually akin to translating all your ambitions, goals, fears and apprehensions on to a physical platform. The key purpose of this exercise is to keep you focused on your track and help avoid any distractions therein.

For this purpose, we list down a quick checklist of what all your vision board should ideally carry for it to fully solve its purpose.

1. Specific goals and targets

Any goal you list on your board needs to be specific its timeline and requirements. Vague goals never lead to effective results.

2. Recent setbacks and reasons

Though negativity is harmful, yet it always helps to learn from your mistakes and errors of the past. A vision board should ideally help you to keep an eye on your weaknesses so that you do not lose out because of them again.

3. Key tools and supports systems

As you face your daily struggles of life, it is comforting to have a sight of your support system and comfort zones. List down what all makes you feel comfortable and motivated enough to stay on your track. This will give you strength and solace in times of hardships and will help you move on.

A vision board can be a highly effective tool if one makes an earnest effort to bring out the best from it, with the strongest of focus and will power.