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Ways the Law of Attraction Can Help You Feel Like an Attractive Man (By Alex Taylor)

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The law of attraction is a concept that was introduced to me by the YouTube video creator Paul Santisi. According to him, the basic tenant of the law of attraction is simply this: "you will always get more of what you feel." Whatever you feel, you will get more of. Therefore, if you choose to indulge yourself in activities that make you feel positively, you will attract more positive energy into your life. This is interesting, isn't it?

Normally we tend to think that we simply feel what we feel, that feelings come and go, and we have no control over them. If we feel good, great, that means we'll have a good day. If we feel bad, we may have the ability to take some drug or drugs, or eat a meal we like, but other than that, we rarely take conscious steps to feel better. We just feel bad and that's it.

What you don't realize is, the more you indulge in negativity, the more you will get more and more negativity in your life. This rings true, doesn't it? Think about that person you know who constantly has good luck, it seems to have a momentum to it, doesn't it? The more that person continuously seeks out positive experiences and embraces the fact that they control their own destiny and their own emotions, the more they tend to build up more and more positive experiences until finally they really, really, get where they want to be... and then they become an object of jealously for all of us!

Here's the key thing to remember: you have the ability to choose positive things... the key word here is CHOOSE. You are NOT simply the victim of whatever emotions happen to blow into your life on that particular day... you do in fact have the ability to change how you feel. To give you some idea of how to do this, you should probably take a look at Paul Santisi on YouTube. But in the meantime, allow me to share some of the ways that I consciously choose to feel positively.

I made a music playlist of songs that make me feel great, I bought an adult coloring book just because and enjoyed it just because! I listen to alpha male hypnosis videos on YouTube which always make me feel powerful, confident, and successful. All of these activities add up to more and more positive feelings the more I embrace them. I also love to eat raw meal replacement which is a very healthy way to add tons of vitamins into your diet, which will boost your mood.

Mainly I am writing this article to help you understand what the law of attraction is, but the implications of it are perhaps not obvious yet... The more positive emotions you create for yourself, the more that frequency of vibration energy will be drawn to you... think about it.