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What Did You Want To Be When You Were Young? (By Rosina S Khan)

Ever remember what your passions were as a child? They are the compass directions to lead you where you should be now as an adult. Why? Read on to find out.

As a child I remember I liked to draw and color. Later when I was older, it was a wild fascination for me to write a fiction book about a girl who was the reflection of the inner child in me.

Similarly you can reminisce what your fascinations were as a child. You are most likely to excel in these areas.

My other fascination was to follow the footsteps of my Dad and be an engineer like him, which is exactly I ended up in becoming. Like him I taught students in a university and enjoyed the career thoroughly.

Now I am fulfilling my other childhood fascinations. It feels great materializing this stuff.

You too can be in the way of materializing your childhood fascinations. You are likely to enjoy every moment of the journey. So when you are lying in your deathbed, you will have fewer regrets about what you didn't do when you were healthy and vibrant in life.

As writing in the English language was a challenge for me since I was a child, I had never thought it would be possible for me to excel in it ever. Now I write freely fiction stories, self-help eBooks, scholar papers and articles. I am happy that what was once my grave concern is now a blessing for me.

You too can make a list of challenges ever since your childhood that you badly wanted to overcome and make it a winning game of your life. You are likely to feel on top of the world overcoming these challenges, getting out of your comfort zone and achieving everything to the very best.

So whatever was your great aspiration or a daunting challenge for you as a child, you can make that happen now and feel at ease and peace with yourself. Therefore, I really encourage you to go through the process. You are likely to have moments of euphoria, accomplishing them all. And you will thank me quietly for suggesting it in the first place!

Childhood fascinations are usually bright clues to give you an edge about where you should be leading yourself at the present. Try to recall them and act upon them. Take the slow and steady mode, make it a point to bring them to fruition, overcoming the obstacles on the way. You will feel blessed. I wish you every success on this quest and journey.

Rosina S Khan has authored this article, highlighting how your childhood fascinations could give you clues on what to act upon in your adult stage, which could be your ideal career that you love.