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Act Like Who or What You Want to Attract - Achieve the Outcome of Your Dreams - The LOA

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If the Law of Attraction had a mouth and a voice with words that can be heard and utilized more frequently by you and me what do you think would be said? I can only imagine something like this: Act or interact with the people, places and events that you most want to manifest. It's all a vibration, which can be viewed as a vernacular for allowing yourself to feel the joy of what you want to happen to you, or through you. Feel that you are deserving of success, revel or any level. Make plans as if you have already achieved your desires and dreams. Be assured in knowing that your emotional energy shift has power to uplift your energy, thus impacting the outcome of your circumstances. Your ability to alter or change anything relies on how you feel about it! Act like you already have it! Daily motion attracts life circumstances.***

Vibration is simply a feeling, you set in motion daily. A vibration or a paradigm is an intention or an invitation that you energize daily to match your desired outcome or experience! Have you ever thought about a person and then they call you? Guess what? You are setting the feeling in motion to have communication with the person that you want to speak to and many times, they will call you soon or they will feel a need to talk to you as well! That my friend was a vibration that set an intention into the universe. Always be aware of where your thoughts roam, it can save you time and even lead to a less stressful life. Focus more and more on what you want to happen and replay less and less of what you do not want to happen. If you had a bad day, don't pick up the phone and call someone to commiserate with them. NO. Pick up a pen and paper and write how you feel, read it, and burn it, your need to discuss and rehash the bad event can be easily eradicated or even obliterated into smoky smithereens and into the garbage heap where it belongs. Get the picture?

Sounds simple? Maybe, but all of us have a lot of internal garbage to clean out of our proverbial closets... Release shame, blame, fear and uneasiness and get that much closer to manifesting what you feel and you'll be sure to get more of what you are feeling... Happy thoughts, happy life, happy dreams can be achieved by the true get belief that you are deserving of what you are wanting to have!