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Speak Up, Take the Pledge (By Barbara Altman)

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Take the pledge for yourself, for your neighborhood, for your country, and for the world.

What a gift God gave us when we were created with the ability to speak. No one knows this better than those of us who are challenged with vocal problems.

I start each music therapy session at a local nursing home with the pledge of allegiance. Three weeks of inability to speak made it much more meaningful. What does it mean speak the pledge of allegiance? To whom do we make that promise? When we speak those sacred words, we are pledging to our country. Is it not possible to pledge allegiance to self? How about speaking fidelity to our neighborhood, to our church, and to the world?

Think about it. What does it mean to speak out? What does it mean to take the pledge? What does it mean to speak the truth?

What does it mean to have allegiance to self? Consider the following ten possibilities:
  1. I promise to pursue good health. Happiness and success are difficult to achieve if one's health is not in order. I know that to be a fact.
  2. I promise to have a healthy diet. A healthy diet excludes sugar, gluten, most grains, and all pasteurized dairy. A healthy diet includes small amounts of protein and large amounts of vegetables. Most Americans eat way too much protein. Protein amounts should be extremely small.
  3. I promise to have daily prayer time. Morning prayers set the stage for a productive day, for happiness, and for a deep connection with God
  4. I promise to go to Church every Sunday. Weekly worship with like minded people raises levels of consciousness.
  5. I promise to speak up in defense of children. When we speak up to protect the vulnerable members of society, we speak up to protect ourselves.
  6. I promise to maintain a healthy weight. Obesity is the number one health problem in today's world. Weight control is essential for good health.
  7. I promise to love myself. Love self first and proceed to love others out of that love of self.
  8. I promise to stay in contact with my family. That's not always easy. But family contact is important for one's well-being.
  9. I promise to forgive those who have hurt me. Resentment adds to stress levels. Forgiveness promotes healing.
  10. I promise to speak my truth for the good of all. Only speak the truth when everyone benefits from hearing it.