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Message From the Universe: Charismatic at Its Best

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"Random awkwardness, unexpected shyness, feared inadequacy, and occasional blushing are just a few of the signs that a giant is settling into their greatness.

The Universe"

It is OK to have feelings of awkwardness, shyness, inadequacy and some blushing from time to time. If we didn't, we would question ourselves as humans with no emotions. Cyborgs maybe? It is OK to feel this way. After reading the biography of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his path to ultimate success, in all his careers, political, actor, bodybuilder and everything else he put his mind into. He had charisma, very friendly, very smart, detailed oriented and so on and so forth. He made bodybuilding popular and NOT because of how big and muscular a human being can become, it is because of the mind behind the body. He was enthusiastic about the sport, about the love and passion for the sport. Any 7.1 billion human beings will associate bodybuilding with Arnold, just like Catholics associate the religion with Jesus, or the Jews with Abraham. Can we conclude that Arnold is the God of Bodybuilding? Many think he is.

Let's put this perspective into your daily life. If you are passionate about something, do anything and everything you can to reach your goals, educate yourself, never stagnate, learn new things everyday, be determined and go to the top, I am sure you can apply everything that the Austrian oak (Ahhhhhnold) did. There is NO secret, beside staying positive all through the process. Do not be afraid, do not let fear control you or let others dictate your life. Ignore the naysayers, focus on your goals and only listen to the ones who encourage you to move forward. Getting advice from people smarter than you is important, but again, it all depends if the advice is based on doing things better or abandoning your dreams. If its the latter, then the advice shouldn't be taken in consideration. Use your instinct and follow your gut feeling. Outside output is somewhat important but do not let it deter you from how you see yourself in the future. It is your life.