Manifestation miracle

Beliefs Are What Lead to Achievements - LOA - Believe It and It Is Done!

*Rely more on what your vibration and feelings invite for intentional outcomes versus seeking the outside advisement of other people with their own viewpoints and opinions.

* By following the laws of attraction you already know that beliefs and the good/bad/or indifferent vibration that you have in your beliefs are what you bring, like a magnet, into your scope and energy field. So what does that mean for you and me? It means that if we change our belief system by being more in-tune with what we want, we can bring those things that much closer to us. We are IN ALL WAYS actually orchestrating and setting an intention for receiving from the Universe. How cool is that? Pretty darn cool if you ask me! The Universe always gives you MORE of what and where you ask for from it.*** This is done by how you set your focus and intentions towards receiving. Are you a believer that you will receive what you believe that you deserve? If not, why?

*We do receive what we believe that we deserve, if your perspective is out of alignment, then choose refinement to attune to what is more deserving of your wishes and dreams. Do you dream of being a pilot? Allow yourself to feel deserving, then take the action to get the information, take the classes and begin working on your plans, ask the Universe for assistance and it will come to you somehow. Don't worry about all of the details, take one step at a time and walk the steps that it takes to welcome, invite and engage successful strategies and life victories will come to you accordingly!

If you focus on negativity and thrive on learning demeaning or inflammatory information about others, then that is just a waste of time. Time is a valuable commodity. It should be better utilized for manifesting new or higher ways of getting purposeful information into your energy field. Manifesting energy works in concert with what you feel you deserve.

Focusing on things that are not as whimsical can be a lot more purposeful if you set your intention to accomplish a deed or a task with your newfound information.

For example, if you want to learn French, watch the French chefs and cooking programs, go to online classes, the library or invite your French-speaking friends over for dinner. You will quickly see the challenge, though once you get past the unfamiliar hard part, you get into the emotional process of watching yourself open your mind to new ways of speaking. Then you get more relaxed and learn French little by little. It only takes a few steps of getting out of your comfort zone to get the brain retrained to expect joy, engagement. Finally your brain or mindset- produced by habit- stops resisting and you get trained by learning a new skill, language, or by performing a task that has not been experienced before.

It's like riding a bike, learning something out-of-the-ordinary, or new takes time, desire and effort and a follow-though in your attitude- be true to yourself- hold yourself accountable to your dreams and desires. The only person that wants for you to succeed in life is YOU! And really that's the MOST IMPORTANT opinion and adviser that you will ever really need in life- YOUR OWN OPINION ABOUT YOUR OWN LIFE matters the most...!&id=9620202