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Happiness Really Is An Inside Job

Sure, I could say all of the standard things about the law of attraction, and I will do some of that. First, though, I will take a moment and tell you in a crazy way to be grateful for your life if you are living it right now. Indeed, you could be one of those unhappy people that makes the news and it could be worse for you if you are living a normal and blessed life now. For, the truth is that life is as good as we make it, and as long as everything is going reasonably well, happiness is an inside job. More on that in a moment.

First though, I would like to go into this territory: This morning, I woke up angry that a cell phone of mine was not charged properly/not plugged in right. Then, in that basic problem moment, I realized that it was not a "big deal", and that I would be as happy about what was going on as I made up my mind to be. I charged the cell phone in fifteen minutes, sure. That is not the point. I read a book on my Kindle until it was charged patiently and happily, but still, that is not the point.

The point is, I used my mind and spirit to deal patiently with the situation instead of letting it affect me, and I made my whole day wonderful through that same application of mind and spirit. Here is the catch though, I find myself rising like that every day and I will put it this way: If anything said about Abraham Lincoln being a patient and steadfast man was true, real and not myth, I will say this: "I understand you brother Abe. We all are as happy as we make up our minds to be."

Despite this finally coming out of me as an article, these feelings about life are finally coming out of me. Through patient development, and real life experiences to back it all up, it is all finally coming out of me.

Life for most people is a mess of plans not going right, I understand. Well, look at plans this way: Plans are guides, not set in stone. Plans are made not to be followed to the letter to go perfectly, they are guides like a flight plan that gets adjusted all the time until the plan objective is fulfilled and getting focused on objectives is always better than getting stuck on plans, because of that realistic flight plan approach working better than unrealistic wanting it all to be "perfect" all the way through. Indeed, that is what the term "perfection is a mind created concept anyway" really means. If you can stomach all this reality, you can take anything and make it great.