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Worry Will Destroy Your Destiny (By Cherie Rickard)

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Are you waiting for your circumstances in life to line up just right before you'll have peace? Well you'll be waiting your whole life then!

Because the truth is life is full of ups and downs. Every day we have opportunities to get upset over, be worried about and live offended. Many people live worried each day but most often these worries never even happen. Instead, all worry does is rob us of our joy, creativity and focus. My favorite book says "Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will have enough worries of it's own."

We are supposed to go through life weight down with worry, stressed out and feeling anxious. Release your burdens and stress in whatever makes you happy. You might say, well I can't, I don't have the money or time. Those are excuses to keep you in comfort zone and your comfort zone is complaining without resolution.

I have a friend that for years all she worried about was her marriage, was he cheating, will he leave me. She poured all of her time into her children and husband and worried about all of them all the time. One day he walked in and said he wanted a divorce. He couldn't take all the complaining and suspicion and her worry all of the time. She fed that negative mind set until it actually happened, everything she worried daily about came to pass. She complained for 5 years after the divorce about how much time she spent worrying about him and they ended up divorce and she would worry and complain that she would spend the rest of her life worrying and stressed. It's been 12 years since her divorce and she lives alone, her children are grown and she struggles to keep her business going and worries and stresses over that now daily.

How exhausting is that? Is this living? She would say, when my kids are all gown and successful, I will feel better. Well they are but she's not any better. She would say if my husband would pay attention to me I wouldn't worry, when my husband's business and work slows down we can spend more time together and I will rest better, well she made sure that didn't happen and he's happily married now and she's not.

Despite what's going on around you there is possible peace. Where do you get your peace? Protect it. You weren't created to stay on edge. This is why we all have health issues. People with constant stress and worry have headaches, digestive issues, anxiety, heart problems. Rob you of your sleep and your joy and keep you from your passion and purpose. We can't add one inch to our life by worrying... if you could, some of us would be 23 feet tall. If you spend all of your time worrying and stressed out, don't fret because you will worry it all into existence. Just like my friend did.

I wonder how many thing are you worrying and stress about that will never come to pass? If you want something you have to mindfully project its reality but do it thinking positive and in resolution rather than negative and in problems. 
Do yourself a favor today and make a decision to live as stress free as possible. You can't spend the rest of your life worrying about what others do or their poor choices, you cannot control other people. Are you trying to change things or people and live miserable?

Are you saying when my kids do this, I will be happy and relax? 
When my bills are paid off, I can rest. 
When I get a better job, I won't be so angry or stress?

I wonder if your situation will turn around if you can walk daily in peace within yourself. Try a different approach... do what you love, finding a resolution. I don't believe divorce is a great thing however sometimes it's the best resolution in a bad situation. I don't believe you replace one problem for another. Drinking your worry away doesn't work, your creating another problem. Don't have to work harder, work smarter.

I challenge you to write down all of your stressors this week, then next to each entry write 2-3 resolutions to the stress/problem. One by one tackle each resolution and instead of living daily stressed, live daily in passion and purpose, conquering goals and solving problems. If you don't have one resolution to a stress, then release your burden. Know the difference between the things you change and those your can't. Some of you are professional worriers, you worry in the shower, worry cooking, worry on the beach... I didn't know that was possible. It take a real conscious decision to recognize what occupies your mind and release the things you cannot change. Look into the mirror each day and tell yourself to release your worries. It doesn't add one inch to your life but will destroy your destiny.

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