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How to Overcome Tragedy by Learning From It

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If you have gotten yourself into a tragedy, take the lessons you learned and move on. There is no better way to overcome it. This article highlights some tragedies you may have to face in life and yet overcome them all.

Here are a few examples:

1) You lost your job because your company is downsizing its employees. You take the lessons such as, teamwork, getting along with people, your learned expertise and so on. It's tragic for you when you focus on it this way only. But when you broaden your vision, there is more out there to achieve. Life is full of possibilities and opportunities; it's your moment to grab them instead of feeling downright broken.

2) Your spouse has filed for a divorce and has demanded custody of your children. You know you are going to miss them all - the fun, excitement, thrills of all the moments are going to be a part of you always. Take these moments and savor them. Set up meetings to see and talk to your children. Enjoy being with them instead of being sad and grumbling. The sadder you are, life is going to throw more snowballs at you. It's wise to be happy and accept the lessons of life and move on.

3) Suppose you have been on a long drive with one of your close friends. The road is bumpy and your friend is driving and missed a sign. The car collides head on with a truck. Your friend is badly hurt but by a miracle of good fortune you are completely safe. But you can't help feeling sorry and guilty for your friend because it was you who insisted on going for the drive. What lessons can you take from this incident? God spared you definitely. Buy why? Reason out yourself, take the lesson, make new friends and move on.

4) You are in school as a senior student. You are in an enigmatic position. The school knows you for your good performance, speaking and writing skills, tech knowledge and a variety of other good qualities. The school knows you will be a graduate with flying colors. While you prepare happily for your final exams, you hear news that your grandma has passed away. You are not able to concentrate on your studies any longer. You want to be at the funeral and drop the semester. You talk to your parents about it. They unhappily consent to your wishes. You attend the funeral and say a few wise, good words on behalf of your deceased grandma. You come back to your school for the next semester. Your results are not as smart as they are supposed to be. Your teachers are not happy; neither are your parents. How can you turn this scenario into a breakthrough? Reason out yourself, form future plans, figure out yourself who can help you further in your endeavors and move on.

The tragedies I have exemplified so far are bound to happen to anybody anytime on this earth. All we can do is to face them, think out alternatives, take actions on them, overcome them ultimately and move on with grace.