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Letting Go: How to Say Goodbye to Negative Experiences

Did life throw the hard knock-downs at you recently? Did they hurt too much? Isn't that the best position to pray? Why not? Did you try praying? What else did you attempt? Read on for more insights.

Through your prayers, surrender to God and learn to let go of negative experiences. Forgive yourself, forgive the people involved and forgive the situation itself. Consider them all dead including the situation. Dead people and dead situation cannot hurt you. It's easier to forgive everybody this way.

If you still have ill feelings towards the negative situation(s), keep in mind there is no room for couldas, shouldas and wouldas. Everything happened in the way it was bound to happen. Even if you were able to turn back the clock, the same events and people would have come up, leading up to the present. So there is nothing to mourn or feel sorry about.

Get back on your feet and read inspirational books and fall back in pace with your life. Nothing can get in your way now because you have gone higher and stronger with the life's challenge(s) and are better able to cope with negative experiences that life might throw at your way again.

Look at your inner mind chatter and self-talk. Whatever they are, tune them into positive and empowering ones. They will shape your life for the better. Because everyone loves and deserves good times on this earth, it is up to you to attract positive things into your life.

Always remember negative thoughts are the source of all of your problems. So remember to replace your negative thoughts, whenever you catch yourself thinking negative, by positive ones.

All the tips I put in this article are worth paying attention to. Because they will help you to let everything fall back into the rhythm of your life and you won't regret a thing. You will learn to forgive and forget them and be confidently back on your way up the ladder of love and success.

Remember it is time to let go and say goodbye to bad experiences. The more you cling to them, the worse for your mental and physical health. It is really time to let go. Do it graciously and you are bound to benefit. Savor every moment and be present. Yes, it is time to say goodbye to those malicious events. Yes, you will bounce back and thrive again shortly - trust me.