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Accept Who You Are

What is self-acceptance? How do you accept yourself? When you discover yourself, do you just stay like that? Well, these are the questions that an individual asks him or herself. Many people don't accept for who they are. And most of these people end up being failures.

Let us first describe what self-acceptance is. Self-acceptance involves accepting your weakness and negative habits. But the question is, do you accept and do nothing about your weaknesses or attitude? Do you give in to your laziness and look for excuses for leaving everything as it is? Well when you accept yourself and not doing any improvement to improve your habits, then that is not technically self-acceptance.

Many people don't usually understand the term self-acceptance. The term self-acceptance itself is not well explained either. In self-acceptance, accepting yourself is only the first step of the long journey of self-improvement. Just acceptance does not contribute to any self-progress and self-improvement in any way. A point to be duly noted is that you do not accept your fate or life as it is.

Weaknesses habits 
You must first become aware of your weaknesses habits and your personality. You must look at yourself as you currently are. After you have accepted who you are, then you begin to put yourself in a better or improved position, unlike the current one you are in.

Knowing yourself

knowing yourself opens the doors of possibilities of your capabilities. Through that, then you can devise ways to improve yourself. Self-improvement requires the understanding and deeply knowing your character; habits quit the comparisons you make of yourself with other people and knowing your capabilities or the lack of them. Doing this will comfort you by getting rid of guilt, bring about happiness and lightness

I accept myself as I am 
"This is who I am. I accept myself as I am. I take my failure, my fate, my achievements and this is how it will always be". This is just an excuse that many people make to feel better because of maybe constant failings or regular unpleasant occurrences. The first thing that should be noted is that these deficiencies happen because of not genuinely engaging yourself or self-assessment.

No one is a failure or a disappointment. All it takes is for a person to know his or her personality, habit, character and failures then, start building from there. Then initiate the improvement process. Sooner or later, you will be amazed at what you can do.

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