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Strength In Tenacity

TENACITY is a trait which is considered as a laudable and coveted attribute because this indicates that individuals are motivated to succeed. Tasks and goals are done. People who are determined by nature are generally self-motivated and have a strong internal drive to accomplish success. This is often associated with similar characteristics of RESILIENCE, which is the power to overcome setbacks rather than give into them.

In addition to going hand-in-hand with resilience, this is also related to the qualities of perseverance, which is the ability to keep going even when times are tough, and persistence. One's TENACITY can show through in many aspects of life. This shows a willingness to succeed and overcomes quandaries, such as fatigue and frustration. Many individuals achieve great levels of success in academic fields and in sports or hobbies through determination and motivation, but pure talent also definitely plays a contributing role. Sometimes, people lack extraordinary talent but accomplish great feats through sheer willpower and determination.

SUCCESS requires patience and determination. It is the same with you. You need time to achieve goals, especially big goals, and this requires patience. If you are too impatient, desiring to have immediate results, you might be disappointed and quit your goal.

You have to study to improve yourself, change your mindset, and work toward your goal so that it will be realized. It is so easy to quit when you are confronted with obstacles and opposition. However, you feel a great sense of satisfaction when you don't give up. Every person meets obstacles on the way, but only those who don't let the obstacles discourage them, truly achieve success. This applies to career, sports, learning, and everything else.

PERSISTENCE is also a sign of inner strength and of strong character. Without this, you cannot make any progress. This is an ability that makes a person a winner against all odds. The person who keeps going is the one who wins because success could be just within your reach, and just a little more time and effort are required.

There is a great feeling of achievement when you persist and don't give up! When you persist, you go the whole way and don't turn back after a few steps. Only those who keep going reach their destination. Go on with your plans and goals, and do not give up when you face obstacles or problems.

PERSEVERANCE is perhaps the most important key to success in any endeavor. It can replace deficiencies in talent. While this is widely acknowledged, not many people seem to have developed this important ingredient in their life.

Without knowing what is truly important to you, it is almost impossible to be truly persevering. One must have a strong reason for keeping on a chosen path. That reason must be important enough to override the less important factors that can cause discouragement.

Make sure that what you are aiming for is grounded on solid foundations. An objective that is not ethical will create inner conflict in you. Your aim should be morally sound. This must not cause harm to others. This must not be selfish.

Develop the habit of finishing what you started. Once a person has developed this habit, he/she has within him/her a powerful tool connected with perseverance. He/she will not give up until something is done, no matter how inconvenient.

Nothing in the world can take the place of TENACITY especially when you aim at perfection in everything, even if in most cases, this is unattainable. But they who aim at EXCELLENCE and persevere will come much nearer to this than those whose laziness and despondency make them give up.

This article highlights the importance of tenacity in succeeding life despite its hurdles. When we are determined and when we persevere, everything is possible even the unattainable.