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Dysfunctional Learning Environments - Learning Even When It's Hard

In the modern times, learning something is easy and accessible either online or offline. You are also exposed to the various teaching methods with learning equipment such as, a slide projector or multimedia projector or any other modern facilities. But how about a dysfunctional environment and learning from that situation? Read on to find out the various examples of such a learning environment.

Here are a few:

1) You learn to type with a fast enough typing speed on a computer actually when a war is going on with bombshells and gunshots. It is a frightening environment, yet you teach yourself to concentrate on your computer and learn.

2) Suppose the floor under your feet is shaking moderately owing to an earthquake and you have already settled for saying a prayer. You continue to pray and learn to be at peace and go on with your ritual irrespective of your dysfunctional environment. How does it make you feel? You learn something in a new environment in fact.

3) Your children want to fall asleep at the end of the day - yet the ship you are in is sinking. Irrespective of the non-ideal situation, you tell bedtime stories to your children. Your children eventually fall asleep and so do you. Yet the ship is sinking and there is much chaos outside of your cabin.

4) An open active gun shooter has just attacked the school children of the school where you teach. There has been bloodshed as well. You allow yourself to take control of the situation even though you are shaky and scared to death. You cope with the children around you and try your best to console them until help arrives. You are learning to handle the children you love in a dysfunctional environment as a matter of fact.

5) When a disaster such as a cyclone or flood strikes, you have to boost up your parenting nature more than necessary and help your children to hold on until it glides away, taking your children to a safe place and keeping your children and yourself as calm as possible.

6) You have fallen into a huge debt and you have a family to manage. Money isn't rolling in; on the contrary you are drowning in your debts. You shift your mindset to abundance and refuse to focus on lack. Gradually you are able to pay off all your debts by working as much as you can with the help of your family as well and eventually you thrive. Whew! What a breakthrough!

These are six great examples for learning from a dysfunctional environment when hard times actually set in.