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The Power of Silence When You Have Negative Thoughts About Someone

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Do you dislike somebody and instantly make a negative comment? Does it help? You both develop mutual conflicts in no time. How about not saying anything at all? Does it help? Read on to find out.

All along through the ages, there is the same rule of thumb. And that is: If you have nothing good to say about a person, remain quiet.

The power of silence is that great. The other person notices or feels no antagonism towards you and you are pretty safe from his attacks and resentful reactions.

Now you would definitely like to see the changes that you would prefer in the people you condemn. But it is none of your business. Let them be themselves. The only person you can change is you. Try to change your attitude towards them and if it is not possible, there is great power in keeping silent.

Say, one of your colleagues wears shabby clothes, doesn't shave and has bad breath but say nothing. Let him save face and concentrate on your own work and keep yourself busy with your own stuff. Spread no gossip or rumors about this person. There is great power in being silent, remember?

People you have resented all along know nothing about your attitude towards them. In fact, just because you stayed silent, they may come to your aid and lend you a helping hand when you are not finding it anywhere else. It is a gesture of life and be in the knowhow that you never know when you will be needing which people in any stage of your life. So won't you feel blessed getting help from these people after all? Won't you rejoice that keeping silent about them saved you big?

More than anything else, Almighty God is watching over you all the time. Because you chose to be silent about the people you loathe, God will help you to reap great rewards. Who knows it might have been a test from God after all and you passed it gracefully. Be grateful to God for being merciful on you and acknowledge his rewards with open arms. Remember the rewards are landing on your lap just because you preferred to stay silent about these people all along.

Summing up, the power of silence knows no bounds. Use it every time you come in touch with certain people in your life that you have negative thoughts about. As I declared before, it will save you big not hurting others by simply keeping silent and you won't have anything to regret at all. On the contrary, you will be happy and rewarded for being such a great human person. Isn't that wonderful?