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Be You - Only Better By Learning Your Identity, Passion And Purpose

Living a purposeless life is the worst kind of living. The most successful people today are those who have already discovered what their purpose in life is and have created ways of working towards achieving just that. But before you even get to realize what your true purpose in life is, you would need to start by knowing who you are and what you are passionate about. The three work hand in hand in making a better you. To be the best you do not need to be different, you just need to be yourself and let your abilities and qualities guide you.

Discovering identity

Self-knowledge is the starting point of your journey towards being a better you. The question here should be what makes you tick and what are your thought processes? You would need to pay attention to your thinking and thought patterns for that matter. The sooner you know your thoughts, the easier it will be for you to catching those that may not yield positive results so you are able to piece together your identity pieces. Practicing attentive non-judgment is necessary because then it helps you become aware of the thought patterns and acknowledge them at the same time without beating yourself too hard.

To get to identify yourself, you would also need to notice how you identify yourself. What factors play a role in how you identify yourself and what effects does that have? As you do this, you can jot down the self-definitions and thought processes and you will start seeing a clearer image of just who you are. Ensure that when defining yourself, you record negatives too but you also define your core values and define yourself in the most positive ways possible.

Discovering calling

Start by noticing what captivates you the most. This is a simple way of finding out what you are passionate about. There may be several things in life you are passionate about, but by attending to them one by one, you will manage to find out which one of them carries more weight for you. Reflect on your past deeds and what transpired from them; think about what you attempted and failed and the reasons behind the fail. By taking life inventory, you will be able to steer away from paths that are not where your true calling and purpose in life is.

Other simple ways of getting to know what you are passionate about and what your true purpose in life is by answering at least 50 questions about yourself and penning down the responses that you give. They should all be based on what you think your calling is so that by the end of your evaluating you will start having a clear picture of what you are purposed to become and do. You can also ask for the opinions of others and use your core values to guide you to your exact purpose in life.

No life is as fulfilling as a purposed life. Start making the steps to self-discovery today and you will start living a life you are passionate about and purposed for.,-Passion-And-Purpose&id=9517952