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Humility Commands Respect

Humility Commands Respect, for it is often seen as a virtue, in contrast to other forms of pride and arrogance. Not everyone is humble for the fact that we all know. Humans tend to take pride in their worldly possessions by flaunting them when their wealth is the epitome of their glory. For those in power or authority, they will never hesitate to flex their muscles, in the face of opposition. Yet, how many of us are humble enough to make a stand and admit our mistakes when we are wrong? If for one moment, we can declare by means of actions, not words... that "I am humble," which in itself can command respect, even admiration from those around us.

When in the wrong, be humble and be the first to admit the mistake and apologize, so that any conflicts or tensions, can be resolved amicably. Now, that is the Power of Humility! Being arrogant can only cause problem or trouble which we must avoid at all costs. Good leaders typically exhibit good traits that include strength, wisdom, charisma, enthusiasm and vision. The opposite can be said of bad leaders who are selfish, self-centered, arrogant, conceited, corrupted and evil.

Leaders are more powerful when they are humble. Perhaps the world's most humble leader--humbly steps down after five years and he is Uruguay President Jose Mujica. Uruguayans call their outgoing president simply as "Pepe"! Though he is the head of state, he refuses to dress in pomp, ride in a limousine nor resides in a presidential palace. Such is his humility!

Ways that Humility can make us a better person or leader include:-

  1. Be open to people's opinions - Managers who possess traits of humility, tend to seek input from their colleagues to ensure that they have all the facts, in order to make decisions that are in the best interests of their team. People would like to work for those who value their opinions, rather than ignore or dismiss them.
  2. Tend to the needs of others - Caring about the environment in which you are living or your team is working, is to ensure that they have what they need to do a good job.
  3. Admit mistakes - To err is human but to admit our mistakes, is to be humble. Not only do we admit our mistakes but we must be able to rectify them accordingly.
  4. Accept ambiguity - Know when to take charge and when to let go. Try not to force anything to go your way and belittle others.
  5. Focusing on the needs of others - Focus not on your needs, but also on others at home and at work. This will provide a better understanding and communication.

At times, it is vital to admit that you don't know the best answer and be humble to say that until you have the best information to make a decision or change, you will have to wait to find out. No one is infallible, except God.