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Don't Be A Victim to Circumstances

This world isn't always easy on us. Too frequently we're unwillingly a victim of some smooth talking slickster, or some crazy circumstances that we just don't have any control over. "Life isn't fair" we tend to tell ourselves when faced with these injustices.

"True. Very true," I say. You're right. Life isn't fair, and life has never been fair. Just think about it... What happens when a fly flies innocently by a frog? Yup! It gets eaten. Life certainly wasn't fair for that poor fly, was it? What did that innocent fly do to that frog? Nothing! It was unfair to that fly, right? I bet right now, we're all glad that we're not flies.

Well, we certainly aren't flies. And we usually don't have to worry much about being eaten alive by another creature. It's true that life for us humans is unfair sometimes, but it's rarely ever that unfair. We're almost never victimized to the degree that that poor fly was because we're humans and we have a lot of advantages over the rest of the animal kingdom.

It's not often that our circumstances force us to face life and death situations like the rest of the animal kingdom does on a daily basis. And when our circumstances do tend to be on the bad side, we almost always have choices that we can make to better our situation. The fly flying by the frog doesn't have the ability like us humans to make life-improving decisions once that frog snaps its tongue out of its mouth. Can you imagine what us humans would do if a little frog snapped its tongue out of its mouth towards us? We'd probably say, "Ah... look how cute he is!" We'd probably even mimic the cute little frog by saying, "Ribbit. Ribbit".

Now teens, go learn, lead, and lay the way to a better world for all of us. Remember that we truly are the lucky ones because we don't have to be victimized by our circumstances. And once again, thanks for all that you do, and all that you will do...