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Why Training on How to Spot a Liar Is the Most Important Tool in Your Life

Although statistics vary, it is evident we communicate more with our nonverbal behaviors than we do with the words we use. This means, having the ability to read the real hidden emotions of politicians could put a whole new twist on the popularity vote.

When a group of students trained on how to spot a liar was asked only to read a criminal's nonverbal behavior, they were over 70% accurate. This is well above standard as we are only better than chance at detecting a lie. How to tell when someone is lying is very hard especially if you're unaware of the possible signs. Can you actually learn what and how to spot signs of hidden emotions that could ultimately lead to lies?

Absolutely. You can not only learn what to look for, but with practice, you can learn what questions can expose the lie further. But keep in mind, it is not about detecting lies, and it is about identifying behaviors brought on by stress. For example, what if during a sales deal you were able to spot a behavior opposite the words of the conversation. "That's my bottom line," may mean nothing if you spot a quick sign of contempt showing something different than the words. If trained to detect these behaviors, you would indeed protect your pocketbook by negotiating further.

Let's take a quick look at contempt. One side of the salesperson's mouth raised in a split second, indicating he may be hiding something. In this case, the seller knows it is not his bottom line. Can you imagine the impact this type of training can have on your life?

There may be times identifying a lie is not in your best interest, such as infidelity. Or is it? But what about a major sales deal where there are millions on the line. How about during the negotiation phase, you ask what you are purchasing will be manufactured on time. Spotting a leak in emotion could mean millions in sales.

Training on how to spot a liar is incredibly overlooked, but possibly the most valuable asset in your business and personal life. But you get a lot more than how to identify hidden emotions, but more importantly, it teaches you how your nonverbal behaviors can affect the conversation. Knowing what contempt looks like, you can use it to reroute a conversation to your way of thinking.

On any given day, someone will hear nearly 200 different lies. This is disturbing, but what is more concerning, are the lies meant to hurt you personally or your career. Although you will not detect all lies as this is impossible, if trained, you may detect that one lie that could forever change your life.