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Soul Communications: Feelings and Emotions Make Us Human

Feelings and Emotions - 
How Your Soul Communicates with You.

Have you noticed that feelings and emotions are frowned on in our society except in certain circumstances?

Why do we have a word like "reasonable" but no word such as "emotionable?" 
"Be reasonable" we say.

Why doesn't anyone ever say, "Be emotionable!"?

Why does corporate language reject feelings and emotions by changing language to eliminate these terms? 
Instead of "emotional" someone is "reactive."

Instead of someone being "affected" by something, an emotional term, they are "impacted" by it, a term that leaves me feeling like I've just been run over by a truck.

Why has corporate language permeated our every day language?

Might it be because those "in charge" want us to disconnect from our emotions and feelings? 
If that's true, then they also want us to disconnect from our Souls.

Why are emotions considered "illogical"?

Actually, emotions have a kind of logic, but it's not linear.

Left-brained thinking is linear - going in a straight line, in sequence 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on.

Right-brained thinking is wholistic - spontaneous, feeling, leaps about in it's own kind of logic, making connections intuitively, creatively!

FEELINGS are right-brained logic!


FEELINGS are the ability to feel or sense subjectively what's going on... in your body... in a situation... in other people... in your emotions.

Feelings are your Soul sending you a message. 
Feelings are the awareness at a subtle level of "what's happening."

That includes emotions, but it extends far beyond them.

EMOTIONS are a set of bio-electro-chemical reactions triggered in the Emotional Body (a higher frequency body that is part of our auric field and Light Body). For simplicity, they can be reduced to:

  • Mad
  • Sad
  • Glad
  • Afraid

They can be experienced in a wide range of intensity. For example,

  • "Mad" can be annoyance, frustration, anger, rage.
  • "Sad" can be sorrow, grief, despondence.
  • "Glad" can be happy, joyful, blissful.
  • "Afraid" can be anxious, nervous, fearful, terrified, panicked.

FEELINGS include emotions, and extend beyond them. For example,

  • "I felt that she was secretly laughing at me."
  • "I could feel in my gut that something isn't quite right about this situation."
  • "This place gives me a spooky feeling."
  • "Just looking at that picture made me feel icky."
  • "This just doesn't feel right to me."
  • "This feels good!"


Feelings are not just a bunch of emoticons on your computer.

Feelings are real and they are important.

They are a link with your Soul.

So it's not just important to know that you have feelings. It's important to

  • feel them,
  • acknowledge them as a form of Soul communication,
  • be grateful for them, even the uncomfortable ones, and
  • begin to discern the messages your Soul is sending you.

Acknowledging your feelings to your Soul is a communication to your Soul that says, 
I'm listening. 
I may not understand the message, 
but I'm glad I received it. 
Please help me discern 
the full meaning of your message. 
Thank you.