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Why "The Secret" Doesn't Work for You

"The Secret" is a very famous book which in a nutshell states that whatever you visualize will appear to you in some way or the other. The idea being that if you constantly focus on a goal, the likelihood of it being achieved is almost guaranteed.
But what if this just doesn't work for you?
What if this visualisation thingy is just not doing its job? You are trying your level best to visualize the perfect future but nothing seems to be happening. Moreover you don't feel motivated at all by seeing that perfect picture of you chilling out in Tahiti on your visualisation board. It just doesn't cut it for you.
Maybe then you need to look at human motivation and what exactly motivates you.
According to NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) there are two kinds of people, those that move away from things and those that move towards things.
For example, Ajay has recently graduated and joined a multinational bank, when asked why he joined this particular bank, Ajay said that because he didn't like all the other options available to him and so he picked this one. In other words, Ajay moved away from all the other options to select this one.
Vijay joined the same back just like Ajay but when asked why he joined this particular bank Vijay said that it was because of the tremendous opportunity of growth that this bank would give him. This is the classic moving towards behaviour.
In simple words, you move towards pleasure or you move away from pain.
'The Secret" works wonderfully if you are a moving towards person. You create a vision board with all the wonderful things you are going to do and every morning you look at it and are fired up to go and win the world. However if you are a moving away person, this is not going to push you in any way.
So what can work for you if you are a moving away person?
Default future
Here is an interesting but little known psychological trick that can work wonders. Default future is thinking about and writing down what would be your default future if you continue the path that you are on.
Let's say five years from now, if you continue doing what you are doing, where will you be in life?
Make it as real as possible, and make it as brutal as possible.
For example, if you are a smoker, you may want to think about how healthy you will feel and be five years from now, you may even look at some older smoker in your group and use that as a reference to how you would be. Read this statement every time before you light up.
What this does is, it brings the pain that you would feel in the distant future to the here and now. And pushes you to change your behaviour and move away from the bad habits to hopefully better ones.
So, if you are struggling with making 'the secret' work for you, I would suggest you use the default future technique along with your vision boards. Every morning, have a look at your vision board (Where you want to go in life) and have a look at your default future (What happens if you continue doing what you are doing) and this will be a better motivator than your vision board alone.