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Eternal Coexistence of Evil and Goodness

Each trait or a color or a dimension always has an opposite which is as powerful as the other one. Human minds have invented the analysis and comparison of the two differing dimensions, opposite to each other. No period of human history, perhaps, was without any debate or realization by the human mind.
Multiplicity will keep on coming and cannot be stopped by anyone. Complete eradication is not possible in this world of each opposite trait and they will continue to exist as far as human mind is there to understand it and to comprehend it. So, there is eternal co-existence of the two traits, a unique, rare beauty of this universe and human mind.
Moreover, the system of this human mind and universe cannot operate if one of the two opposing traits gets completely destroyed or ceases to exist. Hatred and love cannot kill each other. Each society has its own degrees of power or of existence of any of the two traits. Same is the case with evil and goodness, in a broader sense.
Satan has to exist to make this puppet show of the Almighty continue. Human mind has always been conscious of this sharp reality. Devil has to exist to give meaning and beauty to the truth of goodness. Love has always been resisting hatred. The concept of goodness cannot exist or even can be thought of or conceptualized, if evil is not there to be in fight with it.
This war will continue in this universe and human mind. Hatred cannot rest or tolerate love as it is in the very nature of it. It is has to conspire, deceive and kill love and goodness, wherever possible and to what extent possible. It will lose no moment to hit at love and goodness in so many different and deceptive ways. Deception is the lethal veil of hatred. It will deceive and deceive, yet, will never allow the innocent person to detect the existence of it.
A man may smile and smile, yet, still, be a villain. Man is an enemy of man. These processes will continue to exist, no matter, we want them or not. The war between evil and goodness will never end and will continue with full ferocity for all times to come. If a leader says that he will completely destroy evil in the society, then, he is lying.
Liars claim ultimate triumph of love over hatred. They know that in the system of the world, evil cannot be destroyed, completely or ultimately. A beauty is not just praised and loved by everyone. There are people who are jealous of it for no reason. The greatest sin of the beauty is to be beautiful. It is perfectly innocent and has never damaged anyone, but, still, jealous souls make this a totally unforgivable and greatest crime or sin of beauty of being beautiful.
It is sin to be beautiful. It is a crime to be beautiful. And the good and the lovely will have to pay a very heavy price in this world. Yet, power of love is very strong and it resists and fights back the ugly force of evil. In fact, goodness has to exist as goodness and good souls will continue their sincere struggle in this world to curtail and control the ugly dimension of hatred.
The history is full of glorious examples of those great spiritual leaders who really made love and goodness to blossom and flower in the entire world. They really made evil to get defeated and succeeded in creating such great nations that God must be proud of man's goodness. They created great societies, with great moral values and honor and dignity. Man is not without the crown of victory of goodness.
Yet, there are very sad chapters of human history, too, where values got murdered and evil persons became the rulers and evil proliferated so much in those times of those nations that the eyes of history gets red, with streams of blood, to see the torture, the humiliation of the good people and the killing of the great values of mankind.
Life is a tragedy, too, but, even in the clouds of grief, there are stars of happy, peaceful times and ages and dimensions of eternal goodness of eternal love.
In the end, I must say, that the great examples of great spiritual leaders of all great religions will remain a golden light for us to see the eternal smile of goodness and beauty. And eternity is beautiful.