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How to Transform Your Life With Affirmations

Why affirmations are good for your health

You've probably heard about affirmations and how a mind filled with positive words can contribute to a more peaceful and grounded inner life. But studies have also proven, that people exercising the method of positive affirmations, tend to grow muscles way faster and find it easier to become physically strong in most cases.

Being optimistic and life affirming is directly connected to a greater resilience against stress and all sorts of physical diseases.

At the same time, your face will become softer, wrinkles may vanish and your skin will become cleaner. There will be a gorgeous shine radiating from you. Expect to get more and more compliments for your good looks which boost your self-confidence and self-love even more.

Other health benefits include lower blood pressure, better overall circulation and a much reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

Ever heard about the placebo effect? Patients given some fake medicine have shown to experience healing just by having a thought planted into their minds: They believe in the cure and therefore get cured indeed.

Affirmations work just that way!

Starting your day with positive affirmations is most effective since you can carry that vibrant feeling throughout the whole day.

Also, nourishing your mind with peaceful and life affirming thoughts right before you go to sleep has shown to have a tremendous impact on your welfare.

That way, your subconscious will continue to do the work for you and solidify the message while you are sound asleep. It's that easy.

Affirmations for success

Now we've provided you with some basic information about affirmations and hopefully could plant a little seed of hope and inspiration so you could think of giving it all a try.

But how exactly can you make them work for you and help you succeed in life? At first, it might still feel weird and not right to you, telling yourself nice things. We have been programmed from an early age to be critical, modest and not very fond of ourselves. I say find your own light and let it shine! Unfortunately, our society wants people to fit in for the most part, but what about all of our own talents, interests and passions?

When you find what you truly want and need, nobody can stop you. Just repeat your deepest desires to yourself over and over again. It might be best to start with something that is nourishing to your soul, like saying "I love myself" into a mirror. If that is too hard, just repeat it in your head when you relax on your bed. Make room for the new beliefs you want to have by forgetting about the compromising words you have been confronted with in your life.

Only you shape the perception of yourself and by believing in them, you will let them shine through and affect people around you as well. Collect a few of your most needed or fitting affirmations and put them around your room or house, make little love notes for yourself and repeat them a few times whenever you see one. They will soon sound familiar and like second nature to you, so that your old thinking patterns just vanish like they never existed.

You deserve a life full of positivity and all you have to do for that is invest a little time and be persistent. You are already holding the key in your hand.