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Effortless Manifesting

Ever wanted to manifest something so much that it hurt? Did it feel to you that the harder you try, the further you're away from it? It can be frustrating in the beginning, but when you finally get it and apply Law of Attraction right, you start manifesting effortlessly and you can't believe how simple it is.
Oprah said that there's a universal flow that you're either in or not. Abraham-Hicks talks about the Vortex and being in alignment with your desires. It doesn't matter what words you use, when you're flowing with the laws that govern the Universe, you are in the state of being or consciousness from which you manifest effortlessly.
It sounds good, doesn't it? But you may be thinking, how the heck do I do that? How do I get there and start manifesting effortlessly?
Before I share the effortless manifesting formula with you, let me share a personal experience.
Last week I was thinking about how it would be nice to update my website and have a copy that really speaks to my ideal client, someone who's interested in and wants to up level their life using principles of the Law of Attraction.
Even though I love writing, I wasn't inspired to write this. My following thought was that I should hire someone, but I let go of the thought and went about my day. I remember feeling really good and vibrating high.
The next day, I see a headline on Facebook that said "Copywriting Cabaret - free webinar." I kinda giggled in the moment and of course signed up on the spot. An email followed that said something about signing up for a free copy makeover. I thought, how can this get even better? They said to reply to the email with my current copy attached and put "Pick me!" in the subject line. I did all of it with such feeling of worthiness and knowing. I knew in my core that I was going to get picked and that I was in the state of effortless manifesting.
Sure enough, the next day, I received another email saying something like this, "Hi Ruzica, you're picked! Please make sure you're live on the call as I'll need to ask you some questions about the work you do and the purpose of your page." I replied back, "I'll be there. I knew it would be me. Thank you!."
The call went amazing and I had so much fun learning this new skill in copy-writing. I got so many ideas for my get started page, which I'll be updating soon. I've saved at least few hundred bucks. But even better, I feel amazing knowing that I did it deliberately and can do it again.
As promised, the formula goes... Clarity + letting go + feeling good now + inspired action = Effortless manifesting!
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