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Choosing To Use The Law Of Manifestation Secrets

The Law of Manifestation works in perfect harmony with the Law of Attraction. The Law of Manifestation states that when you think and believe in something, it will undoubtedly become a part of your reality. If you can conceive it and believe it, you can achieve it.
The law of manifestation works in conjunction with the law of attraction because both of them help you to achieve whatever you desire by turning the power of your thoughts into reality.
Manifestation happens when a person is open to receiving exactly what they want and uses the correct mindset to obtain it. Manifestation is the ability to "make things happen" simply by tapping into a power we all currently have. That power is our minds or better yet, our subconscious minds.
Your own subconscious mind has the same ability to create whatever reality you focus upon the most. Your conscious mind is the part of you that directs your actions and your choices in life. Those choices are often dictated by the thoughts and beliefs you allow to circulate within your conscious mind. However, your subconscious mind hears all of those things and assumes they're all instructions. It takes those thoughts and works on directing your actions to bring about the outcome of those things you focus on the most.
The power of the human mind is something which is beyond any measure. It is a tool gifted to us from the universe and forms our core supreme being which is not similar to our brain which many people think it to be.
We believe that our existence is all about our physical body and it accounts more or less 95% of it. But that is wrong. It is our mind which creates the reality and our existence and our body is just a small part of us that is there to experience the same.
When you see how the law of manifestation works you realize that humans are spiritual at the core of our being. When the mind focuses on a thought with belief and intention it sends those thoughts out into the universe where they can be manifested into our daily life.
The law of manifestation is actually a very spiritual process. Your mind focuses intently on particular thoughts which are transferred out into the universe to be manifested back into your daily life. Your body responds to this spiritual process by focusing and preparing to receive the manifested reality. The body and mind must work together to transform thoughts into manifestations of reality.
Most of us today do not believe in our own power because we have been told that we have none. Consider religious groups that assign all the power to a priest or some other type of intermediary. This leaves the human race powerless and disconnected from the universe.
Slowly and steadily things are starting to become clearer and people are realising that we are all as one with the universe. Like all other creatures we have the same capability to manifest anything that we want with the potential of thoughts, beliefs and desires.
Our reality comes directly from our thoughts and intentions and we use real energy to bring those things into our reality. Whether we are dwelling on negative or positive thoughts, that is what we cause to happen in our everyday world.
Therefore, it is important to understand that if you want to create something such as getting out of debt, it is best to keep your thoughts on the emotion of being out of debt and not on getting the money to get out of debt.
The law of manifestation gives you exactly what you ask it for. So if you send out thoughts of being broke and in debt, the Universe can only see debt and sends you more of it!
So in sending out signals of debt to the universe it will bring you more of that. Instead, focus your thoughts on the emotions of being free of debt. How will you spend your newfound wealth is what you should be focussing on.
Work on turning your negative thoughts into positive thoughts and focus on what you want, rather than what you don't want. Your thoughts will be fed into your subconscious, which in turn will feed it into the Law of Manifestation to make it a reality.
To manifest only what you want in life and not what you do not want in life, you must start right now to control your thoughts. Focus your thoughts into only those things that you want and bring you joy.
Truly believe in yourself and have faith that you can do it. You can manifest whatever you desire in your life and focus all your thoughts on that emotion. This is your first step towards the Law of Manifestation.