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Don't Continue to Be a Wage Slave Any Longer, Change Your Mind Set and Live a Better Life

Have you ever noticed how many of us seem to live "lives of quiet desperation",
We feel trapped by forces beyond our control, trapped in a mindless job, for the sake of money, status or recognition. - Henry David Thoreau
We lament we never have the time for what's really valuable to us, because our jobs take so much energy and focus that we hardly have anything remaining. We plod along day to day; every so often we even dread getting out of bed in the morning.
We see the futility of the standard, socially conventional mind set in America.
You know: Go to school, get good grades, so you can get a "good" job, make lots of money, get a mortgage and an automobile and a spouse, keep up with the Joneses in pursuit of the "better life". This mind set is responsible for the rut most people are in.
We know it's all wrong for us and we want to have success for ourselves, but we don't know how to fabricate a new path for ourselves. Here is the problem: what would we do for funds if we quit? How would we support ourselves? what if I get sick or injured and don't have any benefits? The result of the kind of mind set that keeps us in hopeless situations. I was recently with a group of workers at a restaurant and sadly they blamed the one thing that should drive them to change for keeping them where they are, Family! "If I didn't have a family and bills I could make some moves" one said and they all nodded their heads in agreement.
Sometimes there's a transparent look in our eyes; it's as if some part of us has died. We are just doing time, working hard and hoping for the next promotion, waiting for the day when we can throw off our shackles, quit our blah jobs, and finally love life. Everything gets put on hold until we have more time, or more money. Meanwhile, life is passing us by.
You do not have to live your life that way. This article will inspire you to greater fulfillment, and to help you figure out how to get out of the endless cycle of living paycheck to paycheck and feeling chained to a job you don't care about.
It won't necessarily be the easiest thing you've ever done. You have a choice, but you may have to re-examine your way of thinking very thoroughly. The pull of the socially accepted way of doing things is exceptionally strong, and trips up the best of us despite our good intentions. It takes a certain kind of individualistic thinker to change their mind set be "job-free" and achieve a better life.
Another thing you'll need if you decide to rethink your mind set about jobs and money is the readiness to challenge conventional wisdom. It will take perseverance, and a pledge to throw out the limiting mentality you may have unwittingly adopted. This is not the path for everyone. If your priority is comfort or social approval, or if you're the sort of person who doesn't rock the boat, This article probably is not for you. Here is your chance to exit or you may continue. This is your defining moment choose wisely......
I can sense the mind set starting to change but I must warn you if you choose to embark on this path, it's important to know what it will ask of you. It may require you to knock down, scrutinize, and tear apart your old beliefs, let go of some mighty persistent and tempting illusions, and build a new footing for your thinking. Once again proper mind set is crucial. Are you prepared to do this?
Even if you have seen through the false sense of "security" a normal job offers you, and already questioned that approach to life, you may not really believe you can do it. You may still have questions about how to bridge the gap from the old way of life to a better life one that you envision. That's where we can help. Devote yourself to the better life you've dreamed of, a much better life your heart desires and you deserve. I don't want to see you waste your precious days any longer. Life is short, and the time to pursue your dreams is IMMEDIATELY.
I will end with a few quotes. Now if your interested in having that better life this is all entertaining, but if you are committed to achieving a better life then the difference is like night and day and you must take everything you've read so far and from this point on to heart.
"Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live." - Norman Cousins
"The debt and work cycle is an ingenious tool of subjugation. Make people think they need all these things, then they must have a job, and they give up control of their lives. It's as simple as that. We live in one of the most free countries in the world, but we fix it so we are not free at all. "
- Larry Roth
"Capitalism only supports certain kinds of groups, the nuclear family for example, or 'the people I know at my job', because such groups are already self-alienated & hooked into the Work/Consume/Die structure."
- Hakim Bey
"Supposing we suddenly imagine a world in which nearly everybody is doing what they want. Then we don't need to be paid in order to work and the whole issue of how money circulates, how we get things done, suddenly alters."
- Robert Theobald
Remember the proper mind set