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How To Become More Intelligent - Dream Interpretation As A Science

The human conscience is underdeveloped because it works based on one psychological function and a half. It doesn't use the four psychological functions we have at our disposal: thoughts, feelings, sensations, and intuition.

On the other hand, our conscience is either introverted or extroverted. We don't have a balanced attitude. Carl Jung discovered this truth in 1920 when he published his books about the psychological types.

I could confirm that his definitions are correct when I studied his work from 1984 to 1988. Many people have verified this fact thanks to the translation of the meaning of their dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation, since this knowledge explains the meaning of dreams.

Through dream translation you understand which psychological functions are not working in your conscience and belong to your anti-conscience, which is your wild conscience. Jung ignored the existence of the anti-conscience, but he discovered that we have an evil side, which he named 'the shadow'.

After continuing his research I verified that the shadow is a true demon, and not a complementary part of our conscience that didn't evolve. I named it anti-conscience because it tries to destroy our conscience through craziness.

The anti-conscience doesn't belong to our human conscience. It has a distorted nature. This is why it calms down with terror and it likes violence.

I could also verify that the unconscious mind that produces our dreams is God's mind. God produces our dream in order to save us from terror and despair because we are absurd and evil.

This is why I don't tell you that your dreams will help you have 'the life you want' like everyone else promises you in our world.

Your desires are absurd. You have to live your life based on God's plan. Otherwise, you will be a slave for your anti-conscience.

You are not as intelligent as you may believe, even if you are a well-known genius. The biggest part of your brain belongs to your anti-conscience, and your conscience is deficient. Even if you are a genius in a certain aspect you make many mistakes in other aspects of your life.

This happens because you don't have a global vision of your reality, since you don't use your four psychological functions in order to solve problems. You use only one psychological function and a half. Your idiotic conscience must be developed during your life.

God sends you important messages in dreams, forcing you to remember your dreams when you wake up. You have to concentrate your attention on your dreams if you want to remember them. If when you wake up you immediately start thinking about the problems you have to solve in your daily life, you will forget your dreams.

You have to give more importance to the meaning of your dreams than to your daily life, since your dreams contain God's words. The opportunity to be enlightened by God in your dreams must be respected.

You also have to learn the dream language in order to understand God's messages. You have to make efforts and use your memory if you want to remember your dreams and understand their precious messages.

Why is God so demanding?

Because you have to become more intelligent. Your conscience must be developed. You have to remember your dreams and many other details of your life in order to improve your memory, become more intelligent, and achieve higher levels of knowledge.

If you keep thinking in a primitive way you cannot increase your memory, and if you don't remember always more and more information in your life, you cannot become more intelligent.

God helps you develop your human conscience and acquire consciousness thanks to the dream messages. This means that you understand your mistakes, you are able to see what is bad in your reality, and you remember all your experiences. You never repeat a mistake. You also learn how to avoid making mistakes.

You stop being distracted by superficialities, and you stop being indifferent and irresponsible. You learn how to always be very careful in everything you do, and you pay attention to all the details of your reality.