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Do Days Just Come and Go or Do You Have a Life-Plan?

How easy is it to bounce from one event or disaster in your life to another with no life-plan, expectancy or goal? Just drifting with the wind, no plan or aim; feeling there is no use trying to change anything, or it's too much trouble; you couldn't achieve anything anyway.
You can change your life if you take control. Decide on your dreams and find a path to follow that will lead you there. Deciding what you actually want from life is probably the hardest part.
If you want something badly enough you will find a way, or maybe you don't want it enough! Think of the millionaires from humble beginnings or the immigrants from poor countries that gain an education somehow, or swim miles to escape terrorism.
Even if you don't achieve quite as much as you as your aim you will be a lot nearer with a goal to work towards than drifting with the wind.
How many years have you been on planet earth? What have you achieved? Make a list of 30 things you have achieved. They can be simple things, you have learned to walk and talk, what books have you read, do you have a job, have you learned to drive etc.?
So what else would you like to achieve in the next 10 years? What is your bucket list of things you would like to do before you die? Could you do these in the next 10 years?
Make a plan of where you want your life to head, what is your ultimate goal? What steps do you need to take to get there? Think of your plan as you would a great holiday. What is your destination, how will you raise the funds, when will it take place, who will be your companions on your journey?
Plan your life and live your plan, experience the feeling of achievement as you reach each milestone.
If you want a partner to share your life, you need to join clubs, an agency or get out there and meet the kind of people you are attracted to. Don't just wish take action. If you want to learn to paint or dance or learn a new trade take lessons. Don't just dream, make a plan and achieve it.
If you want your own business start a hobby business in your spare time, it can bring extra cash as it grows. Whatever your dream is make it happen, the first tentative steps are the hardest. Once you start taking action the momentum, excitement satisfaction and challenges will keep you interested and keep you rolling towards your goal.
I would like to wish you success and happiness in your new ventures. Congratulations on taking your first steps, you are one of the few - many people wish and grumble all their lives until with regret it is too late.
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