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How to Make Progress When You Feel Stuck in Life?

Do you feel stuck? Things are not going your way? You want things to be different than what they are right now, but don't know how to change them. Or worse, maybe you have an idea about what to do but are not doing it.
Feeling stuck is probably the worst feeling in the world.
But you have to realize that you are not alone in this. Everyone feels stuck in some area of their life. If you ask around, 99% of people will tell you about something they want to change in their life and are feeling stuck. This is the case with everyone, except maybe rare enlightened individuals.
I too have a lot of things I want to change in my life. I struggle every day to change them. Similarly, you have your own struggles. Everyone is unique and they have their own challenges.
Have faith
These challenges may feel overwhelming at times, but DO NOT get discouraged. I completely understand that it feels hard. But I want you to have faith, and HOLD ON to that faith no matter how bad the things may seem. Just hold on to it, even if it may not seem like a logical choice at the moment.
The reason I am telling you to hold on to your faith, is because it is EXTREMELY EASY to lose your drive when things get hard or other people start discouraging you. If you get rejected, don't worry. You didn't fail. It is only rejection.
The only time you will actually fail is when you give up trying.
So have faith. Be persistent.
You must be persistent because your goal, whatever it may be, will take a lot longer and will require more effort than you initially thought. Nothing comes easy. Any worthy goal is harder to achieve than what you initially estimated. But that is the beauty if this process. The harder it is, the more self esteem and confidence it will give you after you achieve it.
That success will breed into other successes. You will feel alive. There is no greater joy than achieving something which means a lot to you. I assure you. Once you taste this kind of feeling even once, you will never go back to your old ways of procrastination and feeling stuck.
And when you are starting from scratch, the only way to do it is to focus on it. Don't hide from the uneasiness. I have noticed a strange phenomenon in myself and others. When I am feeling bad about a situation in my life, I tend to resist taking action. I don't want to focus on the problem and correct it.
It seem easier to keep feeling bad than to do something about it.
I don't know why this phenomenon is there, but it's absolutely real and requires that I deliberately put my focus on the problem. Because if I ignore the problem, a sense of dread keeps eating my happiness from inside. I have seen this happen with so many people.
Do you see how hollow and empty an average person feels in this world. They react to everything. They can't take any kind of criticism and seem to base their happiness on other people's approval & drugs/alcohol.
This is because their dreams have died a decade ago. They CHOSE to not focus on the problem and now they are so off track that it is almost impossible for them to get back on track. They have the capacity to change, but they are addicted to feeling bad. It is extremely hard for them to change on their own now.
The first step is to take 100% responsibility for whatever going in your life. Think about it. This is a very important concept. Your current life situation is your own choice. You have the capacity to keep it or change it. If you are happy with where you are, fine.
But if you don't like present situation, you have full capability to change it. The only thing is that you have to take responsibility for your life. Because realize this - nobody is coming to rescue you. Nobody. People will sometimes help (if you are extremely lucky), but ultimately it is your life. You have to do things on your own.
Decide a goal. 
Take full responsibility for it and then take massive action. I know it feels very hard initially. You have no experience and maybe a little idea about how to go about it. But just start doing something, ANYTHING! Because when you start taking action, you will create a little momentum. As this momentum builds, your mind will automatically search for the methods to acquire your goals.
Don't underestimate the power of momentum. After the initial resistance, once you get going, you will automatically look for ways to achieve your goal. You will start seeing things which you did not notice earlier. This is called RAS - Reticular Activating System.
Keep taking action. Make deliberate effort to change your life. Cut off everything which is stopping you from doing that. Let the pain of current situation fuel you. Our mind resists change, even a positive one.
That's how our mind is wired.
The only way to break out of this mental resistance is to full feel the pain of current situation and force yourself to change. Resistance is maximum initially. Keep going. Soon, as you build momentum, things will get significantly easier.
If you have a habit of procrastination, then you must realize that procrastination is a kind of resistance. Momentum is the answer. Start small. Do small things. Finish small goals. Soon, you will have enough momentum and confidence to go for bigger goals.
In the end, realize that you are a unique individual. There is no one else like you. You have your own desires and need. Don't let the world dictate your life. Stop feeling stuck. Take full responsibility and do whatever it takes to get your life to where you want.
You are meant to live your dream life. If you didn't have the capacity to achieve your dream, you would not be seeing that dream. If you can see yourself doing it, then that means universe has given you the capacity to achieve it. You have to trust yourself.
Now stop feeling stuck and sorry for yourself. Go out there and make your dreams come true.
Till next time..