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By Cosmic Law: What Am I Doing Wrong?

Having purchased and read a bunch of self-help books on how to improve your personality and life as a whole, you wonder to yourself, "Why do I keep winding up in one failed relationship to another?" You have just finished the latest book providing tips and tricks that open the doors of abundance and prosperity. You cannot help but ask, "Why is it then that I am filing for bankruptcy?"
Human Existence and the Universal Laws
We are in an era wherein people are opening their minds to the ancient Truths most prevalent among Asian cultures. In Western societies, these Truths have survived the test of time in spite of the labels attached to them. They have been referred to as practices of the esoteric, occult, or New Age. Regardless of being taboo, curious minds and truth-seekers have pried into these traditions in an attempt to find answers and bring meaning to life.
These curious minds and truth-seekers have found more than answers--they have unraveled the fundamental cores that govern existence, collectively known as The Universal Laws. While all has already been passed on in ancient teachings, the modern man has been too consumed with greed and worldly vanities, causing a misalignment with the harmonious flow of the universe--the primary cause of poverty, disease, and adversity.
Knowledge and practice of The Universal Laws bring your life back into alignment. Understanding what laws directly affect your current status in life can better guide you on how to align yourself with love, joy, and abundance.
Generally speaking, there are five laws you need to understand. These are as follows:
The Universal Law of Harmony. It can be safely assumed that this governs all laws. It determines that all of creation must exist in harmony. In so doing, there is a continuous flow and prevalence of peace within beings and their environments.
Thus, causing discord determines you as a cause of disharmony. And you become indebted to the next law.
The Universal Law of Resistance. However, it takes much effort to discipline your thoughts. Becoming conscious of your thoughts is important because of this law that states: essentially, what is resisted can manifest.
Unwanted thoughts (people, ideas, places, experiences you wish to repel) and fears are quite tricky. Exerting much effort to resist them in the hopes of preventing their manifestation, only causes you to focus so much energy on those unwanted thoughts. Thus, you give these thoughts no other option than to manifest themselves incessantly.
You cannot simply dispel a thought through resistance. Instead, when an unwanted thought appears, invite it. Welcome it with arms wide open. Embrace it and dance with it. Enjoy its presence. Then, let it go.