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The Mind And Soul Of The Fortunate

Gratitude is within the mind and soul of the fortunate. Without gratitude, genuine achievement that can be appreciated in a genuine way is impossible. Gratitude, not greed is the ultimate achievement in life. Greed is nothing, it is just a lesson. Gratitude comes from fully understanding the lesson that greed, poverty and avarice teaches. Gratitude is the power behind all of life, never greed.
I remember the two "Wall Street" movies with actor Michael Douglas where he implied that greed was good. Well, I would like to make a similar dramatic statement here: Gratitude is the only good. Gratitude is the key to all greatness, ideal living and triumphant wonder.
Fortune is not due to luck, avarice or greed. It comes from and is born of appreciation. It is never "who dies with the most toys", it is who uses their resources best to improve existence and uses their consciousness correctly. Sure, I could sit up here and say "get all you can while you can" with everyone else, but instead I say genuinely do your best. Your best comes from your gratitude for life, not hard work for the sake of hard work, or work just to "seem good" or "look good".
So, the person with gratitude for all lessons, patience, understanding and tolerance is the most fortunate person indeed. But "having it all" without appreciation or gratitude is as good as genuinely having nothing.
The real losers do not appreciate or have any gratitude, they live for what they can steal in a lucky way, and lastly, even when they "have everything", it feels like nothing. Indeed, the only way to get anywhere or really get anything is to understand and have conscientious gratitude. Real greatness comes from here. Fake greatness comes from purely "looking like" to others and feeling like "everybody loves a winner and when you lose, you lose alone" as an old Booker T and the MG's song says. Real winning is deep, real losing is shallow quitting after the first try, then fearing to try again until genuine success is reached.
The only genuine expert in winning is the person with the most gratitude and appreciation for the winning. Sure, it could come down to a genuinely great self-image. But that grandiose gratitude, appreciation and understanding can take anyone or anything over the top. The "worst loser" can become the best winner through that simple consciousness.