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Freedom Is: Doing What You Want to Do!

How many times have you thought, yes, I'd like to do that, but I couldn't because... What stops us doing what we want to do, is it fear of the unknown? How different our lives would be if we actually did some of those things. Perhaps its time to experience a few simple things you've always dreamed of.
Why not begin with some small things, an amazing holiday, perhaps learning to ski? A completely new wardrobe in a new colour palate or style, you could introduce items a few at a time. Maybe a new way of spending weekends; or changing your eating habits for a healthy Mediterranean diet, or some other secret wish.
If your dream is much bigger it will need some serious thought and planning. First be sure you know what you want, there is a saying - "be careful what you wish for it might just happen". Secondly don't rush off on a tangent, only act after you have given an exciting idea some serious consideration. Take time to plan how you can execute your dream as a step by step plan. This gives you time to envisage living your dream and a chance to make any changes to the initial idea.
A number of years ago we decided we hated cold winters, so we started to consider the benefits of living abroad and started looking at places where we would like to live. However we don't like the cold neither did we like Mediterranean summers they are too hot for us to feel comfortable.
Meanwhile I decided to develop my entrepreneurial spirit and learn more about the internet. I had previously joined internet membership websites and built a few websites of my own. So things began taking shape I would learn internet marketing which I could work at anywhere with a laptop and internet connection. This would help to fund our venture, and give me an interesting paying hobby, whilst my partner enjoys sport. How big it will develop depends on the time and effort I invest, I love spending time developing it and watching it grow in popularity.
Last summer we bought a large static mobile home sited near fishing lakes in a quiet part of Lincolnshire for us to spend our summers in. We chose Lincolnshire as my partner has friends and family in the area, also my elderly Mother lives nearby, an important consideration. In fact we spent many long sunny weekends there last summer.
Meanwhile we have decided on Spain as our winter destination, found a house near the beach on the edge of a typical Spanish town and are in the process of selling the house here and buying in Spain. So all it takes is some serious thought, a good plan, some effort and a bit of luck and it can all come together.
What is your Dream? Make it happen, take charge of your life.
It's not nearly as scary when taken step by step as part of a plan. You have time to make adjustments along the way.
In a few months time we expect to be spending the summer by the fishing lakes and by the autumn we expect to be living in Spain, with maybe a few summer visitors renting the house in Spain in the meantime. It's all looking pretty good and appears to be falling into place.
Now if one of your dreams is fulfilling an entrepreneurial spirit by running your own on-line business, so that when you are ready to semi-retire you can live anywhere you fancy; by the lakes, the beach, and a choice of many countries, now is the time to begin. Start now and build a hobby business whilst you are in paid employment.
Either develop an existing hobby or learn something new. Start small and expand your business when you have honed your skills and are ready to retire. You will have a great interest that you have developed. Once your business is completely set up and functioning fully it requires relatively simple maintenance leaving lots of spare time to live your life to the full.
Life is full of surprises you will be amazed at what you can achieve if you decide what you want; put your mind to work to achieve it, together with some determination and energy, and you will see your idea flourish and fulfil your dreams.
So I will close wishing you an exciting fulfilling future.!&id=9012512