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The Law of Attraction Step by Step: How Can You Fulfill Your Dreams?

It is a well-known fact that everything around us is energy. From a spiritual perspective, everything begins from a source of energy which means pure consciousness, God. From a scientific perspective, material world is formed out of atoms, even us and air around us.
What are atoms formed from?
Protons (positive power), neutrons (no power) and electrons (negative power). So, if everything in the Universe is formed from atoms, it means that everything is energy.
Our thoughts produce an electric vibration which is continuously released in the Universe together with our wishes. This means that if you continue to have negative thoughts or destructive about yourself, about your current situation and other people or things, you create negative emotions and feelings, leading to negative habits and actions, creating more negative energies and situations which will come back to your life, over and over again. This is the reason why this theory is called the Law of Attraction, because you attract in your life what you think most of the time.
The same thing is applied about your positive vibes and thoughts. The more you act with love, gratitude, patience, kindness, the more you will attract these things into your life.
All you need to know about the Law of Attraction is that you are the creator of your own world. Everything that happens in your life now (good or bad), happens because you attracted it, conscious or not; because many things happen in our unconsciousness, without realizing it. It is very important to try to understand ourselves better.
For some people it is difficult to admit it, but when you start to realize and to use thoughts positively, you will notice that your life will change, in better.
The first step is to start admitting your thoughts. Try to understand why you have some negative thoughts (if you have them) and try to go back in the past, in order to identify where these thoughts come from. By doing this, you isolate your thoughts and you become more aware and responsible about what is happening into your mind.
Ask yourself: "What do I have to do not to have this thought? How can I make it positive?"
When you become aware of your thoughts, you start regaining control on your mind. This means you are able to self-control, to think about the things you love, which you enjoy and you are grateful for. There can be simple things, like being alive, taking a fresh air breath, enjoying nature etc.
Set yourself targets!
Setting yourself targets is one of the most important aspects of the Law of Attraction to attract what you want into your life. Setting solid targets in your mind, you will put to work the forces of the nature and Universe immediately.
But first:
1. Accept what you have now.
2. Be more aware of your thoughts.
3. Ask yourself questions related to your negative thoughts and perceptions, when they occur.
4. Look for the positive lesson you have to learn from a negative situation.
5. Make your mind think about the things you enjoy the most, which you are grateful for and you think are beautiful.
Haven't you noticed that when you really want a thing, such as a certain car and you think about it all the time, you see that thing everywhere? Anywhere you go, you will notice it as never before. This is the basis level of the Law of Attraction.
You are like a radar, once you have a plan in your mind, your energy starts to transmit a signal. When something appears to help you fulfill your goal it is "seen" by your interior radar. You will start noticing many opportunities in order to reach your goal.
Targets are very important in order to be focused and motivated.
With a solid and well-defined mentally goal, you can start visualizing it. Visualizing is very important and is an effective tool which helps you focus your mind and make your wish solid, and with repetition of this image, it will be planted in your unconsciousness very soon.
Imagine a scene and build around it - how will look like the ideal situation? Where this might happen? Act as you already have it. Act as if it is reality.
How would it be to feel what you want?
You visualize by feeling and remembering the emotion every time.
What would you do in that moment?
Where would you be in that moment?
What type of people would you be surrounded by?
How would sound the conversations you have with these people?
Try to visualize more what you really want.
You can do it anywhere you want. Lie down, close your eyes and start visualizing what you want to happen. The best moments to visualize can be in the morning before getting up or in the evening when you go to bed.
Start to be aware about what you say about yourself, which means you are in control of your mind and thoughts. Here are some examples of positive powerful thoughts:
1. I am successful in everything I do.
2. I am in control of the energy inside me and I can use that energy how I want.
3. Money comes to me easily, from many sources and regularly.
4. I can get what I want, because I access my power and wisdom I own.
5. I am not my body, but a consciousness inside me. I am connected to everything around me.
This means not to be very attached to certain ideas, but to be confident that you will reach your goal. For example, if you want a new job and you are called for the interview. You know what type of job you want, you started making affirmations and feel positive vibes about that job, but still you don't get that job for certain reasons. Then you will start asking yourself: "What went wrong? The correct method to see this situation is saying: "OK, it wasn't a good time. There is a better opportunity waiting for me. I trust my abilities in this domain, is just a matter of time."
Gratitude is part of the Law of Attraction, but is also a part of the feeling to make you happy and healthy in general. Take yourself more time to think all the things you are grateful for in this world.
Be confident
You have to be self-confident in what you want, or nothing will work as you wish. Trust in yourself and the supreme forces which govern everything around us.
Without faith you won't get what you want in life
Due to the fact that the Law of Attraction is energy, and everything in this world is energy which reacts in different ways, depending on the way we treat it, it means you permanently create signals into the world, conscious or unconscious.
That is why... it is very important to send positive vibes, meaning to be a positive person almost all the time.