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How Would A Quality Leader PROCEED?

One of the most challenging challenges of becoming an effective, quality leader, is absorbing and taking to heart, all the relevant training, transform it to real learning, gain judgment and wisdom, get involved and experienced, and become an actual expert! While training and learning are essential, until, and unless, someone in a position of leadership, is ready, willing, capable and able, to take timely action, based on solid judgment, and thorough consideration, he will not transform himself to becoming a real, quality leader! The extraordinarily popular television program, NCIS, has attempted to include this concept, by having members of the team, often ask themselves, "W.W.G.D.," or what would Gibbs do? Therefore, if you decide you truly want to lead effectively, you should ask yourself, How would a quality leader PROCEED?

1. Priorities; plan; pick: 
In order to lead effectively, you must thoroughly examine needs and concerns, and develop a clear-cut set of priorities. Then, you must use and develop a strategy, which drives your strategic plan. Transform that to a well-considered, relevant action plan. Pick and choose your battles, seeking a meeting of the minds, and unity for the common good, rather than adversarial or polarizing behaviors. Great leaders attempt to unify, rather than divide, and never feel a need to prove how clever, or right, they may be!

2. Relevant; reliable; rational; rationale: 
Don't just do something, in order to look or act busy! Rather, focus on the best, most relevant course of action. Lead by example, so you are both actually, as well as perceived as being reliable. Unless your suggestions seem rational to others, you will find attracting supporters extremely challenging. Can you, and are you willing to understand and explain your rationale?

3. Options; opportunities: 
Consider alternatives with an open mind, so you maximize your options! Be ready to both, take advantage of opportunities which might present themselves, as well as creating your best opportunity!

4. Clarity; coordination; cooperate: 
How clear a picture do you have of what you would like to happen, and why? What steps will you take, to coordinate and plan, the best approaches, order and procedures to follow? Who will you get to join your quest, and how will you urge cooperation for the best of the group?

5. Empathy; enrich; evolve: 
Everything in life changes, on an ongoing basis. If you want to lead, listen effectively, and see things through the eyes of those you serve, so you might become a reliable, effective, empathetic leader. Aim consistently to enrich your stakeholders' experiences, as well as your organization! Be willing and ready to evolve, or you, and your group, risk perishing!

6. Excitement: 
Are you excited to be leading? Does your excitement energize others, and how will you excite them constructively, so they feel more strongly about your organization?

7. Delve deeply; deliver: 
Delve deeply into the best approaches, and the most relevant ones! Always under-promise, and over-deliver!

Learn from the best of other effective leaders. How would these individuals PROCEED?