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Reasons Why You Should Be Happy With Who You Are

People in this world are all different. We have different talents, abilities, skills, and competencies. We are stronger in some areas, and more talented in others. When we look at the people around us, we should never feel inferior, because somebody might run faster, or has the looks of a movie star.
This does not diminish our own being. The good news is that you are unique in your own way. You have a set of talents like nobody else. You are a unique being. Say it twelve times a day, "I am happy with who I am", and really mean it.
That does not mean that you cannot improve some areas in your life, everybody should make some sort of self-improvement part of their life, just like exercising. My friend Todd has a picture on his timeline, saying, "Self-Improvement is the New Sexy!" Wouldn't you want to be sexy?
OK, back to our "I am happy with who I am". Being happy with who we are has a number of benefits.
When we feel good about our own being we are stress free. We can enjoy life to the fullest. Stress affects our health in various ways, from anxiousness to eating disorders, which have negative influences on our bodies. Feeling good about who we are produces "feel good" hormones, that contribute to our happiness, and a healthy lifestyle.
When you are happy with who you are, your level of confidence will rise in direct proportion to how you feel about yourself. Life will still have its ups and downs, but your confidence carries you through it all.
When you are proud of yourself, you will follow your heart. You will start making better decisions about your life, and your decision-making will be independent from other people's opinions. You will still seek council from people you trust, but the final decision is based on the confidence you have gained in yourself.
Your "I am happy with who I am", will attract things and people into your life that you never dreamed of. The actions you take, based on your new gained confidence, is an attraction that others will notice. When you appreciate yourself, good things will start to happen.
Is there something in your life that you really feel proud of? Normally you would be proud once you have achieved something great. Essentially, showing pride is painting a picture of the passion for yourself, and for life itself. Personal independence allows you to experience such pride in great measure.
Personal independence is when you decide to take control of your life, and fully devote yourself to creating something that gives you meaning and purpose. If you have been working hard, for far too long, with little to show for, like running around in circles, then the best you could ever do is make a commitment to yourself, by declaring your own personal independence.