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The Essential Element in Your Personal Strategic Plan

Your purpose or your mission in life provides you with a sense of direction and focus. It is the essential element in your personal strategic plan. If you are without a mission you are like a boat adrift in the sea without any wind at your sails. The waves or life events just rocks your boat from side to side.

Clarify Your Mission

To clarify a mission for yourself you must first clarify your values and be certain of what rocks your boat. As an example, if you value lifelong learning and personal development, then your life will reflect that both in your occupation and personal life.

To expand on this further, consider someone who has retired and has a substantial pension whereby he can construct his day in whatever way he chooses. If that individual values personal development and lifelong learning, instead of lying around all day and letting his brain deteriorate, he would endeavor to learn something new, perhaps do some writing, join an organization, and make a contribution to society.

Have a Set Definite Objective

If you value a life of riches and living a life of luxury, you must have a set definite objective - - that is of becoming rich. It will be necessary to set a dollar amount that you want to achieve by a certain date, such a focus will provide you with a mission or a purpose to your life. You will need to envision this mission, embed it in your subconscious mind and let your actions be guided by this mission.

This particular focus will require you to set aside certain pleasures, or fleshly desires, in the interest of realizing this mission. An athlete who is devoted to becoming the best in his profession will practice his craft relentlessly, often at the expense of hanging out with his friends or playing video games. If he has the natural abilities and willingness to put in the work, he will not only rise to the top, but his income will also rise to meet his expectations.

Consistently Learn and Improve

If you are in sales, you must not only know your product in and out, but consistently study the sales process itself and how to identify the elements in the sales process that would best sell the product to your customers. Beyond that you must identify the characteristics of your best customer and the best approach to engaging and selling this customer. And finally, you must set some sales goals, broken out into a monthly basis, and begin your effort.

And for a final illustration, let's say you want to be a great parent for your children. In this effort you must learn the unique differences in your children, conscientiously identify their strengths, and consistently praise their efforts in mastering academic tasks, carrying out household chores, and establishing healthy relationship with their peers.

Overall whatever your mission is in your life, once established, it will give you a focus that will help you to set priorities, and live a life worth living. You can then look back and be proud of your accomplishments as you continue your journey.