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How to Have a Successful Mindset

Have you ever read John C. Maxwell's book 'How Successful People Think'?

It's one of my favourite business books. I give it to many of my clients when we work together as well.

It shines a great light on the idea of mindset as a business owner, and it gives you really great tips to bring productive thinking into your daily life.

Maxwell actually talks about 11 types of thinking (!) in the book, and breaks down each one.

From big-picture thinking, to strategic thinking, to bottom-line thinking, he covers it all, and I love to go back and read the chapters over again when I feel the need to work on any area of my business.

This week I am focusing on Possibility Thinking. It is just what it sounds like it is - concentrating on what is possible.

Here are five reasons this is a good frame of mind to put yourself in:

1. It allows you to dream.

2. It brings possibilities to you and to others.

3. It gives you energy.

4. It keeps you motivated and stops you from giving up.

5. It helps you to rise above and be better than average.

How great does all of that sound, right?

But it is true. When you stop looking at the negative implications in any situation, you can see those possibilities.

Like many people, I can tend to be a negative person in some situations - sometimes I hear myself making a judgement about something, or I catch myself thinking about something in a negative way.

But when I do, I try to reframe that thought or that statement to turn it into something positive.

Going down that path of negativity doesn't help anyone, and it can often spiral out of control if you leave it unchecked.

Making a simple shift to recognize when you are feeling or saying something that is not positive can be a very powerful thing.

The first step is listening to yourself - whether it's hearing your own words or just your thoughts.

And the second step is to shift into that more positive frame of mind - nothing is impossible. There may be more steps, or a different route to get to your desired end result, but anything really is possible.

If you allow yourself to come down that path of possibility, you will just start to naturally find that in your thoughts.

Possibility thinking is motivating because it's always positive. There is no negative thinking involved when you are focused on what is possible.

There is nothing better than coming up with an idea and feeling those butterflies of anxiety because it's exciting. Especially as a business owner - when you can monetize great ideas!

If you feel like you are always down, depressed, unmotivated or just stuck, consider your thought patterns. Listen to the words that are coming out of your mouth (or out of your fingers if you are typing them into your keyboard on social media!).

Once you identify that you are indeed part of your own problem, you can take simple steps to move toward positivity - and possibility - for yourself!