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Essentials For Leadership WISDOM

Nearly everyone would agree that enhancing someone's knowledge, judgment, expertise, and wisdom, would certainly be something which positively impacted a leader's possibilities and results! However, merely stating so, or going part-way, doesn't automatically translate to arriving where one wants to be. In my over three decades of identifying, qualifying, training, developing and consulting, to more than a thousand actual, and/or potential leaders, I have consistently sought to provide these individuals, with more skills, assets and necessities, for becoming far better leaders, and achieving what best serves organizations and their stakeholders. Therefore, this article will attempt to, in a simplified way, identify, from a mnemonic perspective, some basics and/or essential components, for true leadership WISDOM.

1. Weigh alternatives; willing to improve: 
Will you merely remain within a limited comfort zone, or do you thoroughly weigh the options and alternatives, so you are in the best position possible, to determine your approach? Are you willing to actually learn, rather than merely go through the motions, and attending courses and leadership training programs? How will you use what you learn, so you improve yourself, and thus, your potential to lead?

2. Ideology; ideas; intent: 
Have you identified your ideology, and do you remain true to it, through both easy times, and more challenging ones? Will you transform speculation and rhetoric, to quality ideas, which will transform you, to being a far more effective, meaningful leader? Is your intent, to consistently provide the best leadership, and serve your organization and stakeholders, with integrity, strength, direction, relevance, and actual wisdom?

3. Sustainable system; strengths
Gaining greater wisdom should enhance your ability to identify your, and your organization's strengths and weaknesses! Use those strengths, and work diligently to lessen areas of weakness. Avoid the tendency to tread water, or merely look at current issues and/or concerns, but aim to improve short-term, intermediate and longer-term needs and priorities, by wisely creating and implementing a quality, sustainable system.

4. Disciplined; delve deeply: 
Stretch beyond merely examining surface and/or apparent issues/problems, but rather, take a longer look, where you delve deeply into causes and solutions (as well as alternatives and ramifications). Maintain your highest enthusiasm, but remain disciplined enough, to follow your plan, and aim to evolve your group, rather than throwing the baby out, with the bath water!

5. Options; opportunities: 
The better prepared, and the greater your expertise, if you transform these to actual, meaningful wisdom, you give yourself the best opportunities to be a wise, effective leader. Keep your options open, while paying keen attention to priorities, needs, concerns, relevance, and sustainability!

6. Master matters; 
make difference; measure choices; motivate: Merely because you might slide by, even if you accept marginal goals and results, unless you master things that matter, and consistently seek to make a real, essential difference, you won't lead wisely! How will you measure your results, without merely using some meaningless, rhetorical metrics? Remember that one can't lead, until and unless others listen, follow and believe, so strive to constantly motivate, not merely by your words, but rather by your example!

Many enter positions of leadership, but few become relevant, wise leaders! How will you enhance your WISDOM, so you become one of these few?