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Failure Is the Learning Curve to Success

The hustle of life is an amazing journey one must be willing to be led by ambition and passion in order to get through each phase of the life cycle. In the world of Project Management we understand the five-phased methodology, lets run the comparisons against personal life cycles:


Initiate / Birth

Plan / Educate

Execute / Career

Controlling / Advancement

Closing / Death

As we can visualize life is one large project and we must successfully complete one phase of the chapter before starting the next in a waterfall approach manner. Let's elaborate on the education phase of the personal life cycle because this may be accomplished in multiple approaches. There is no perfect way or better way to become educated on an invention or profession. It's simply a matter of choice, ability, and availability of resources to conquer. However, during the education phase we define the risks that may impede on our progress for future phases to come. Once we reach the career level, education does not cease but iterations of learning began and increases until the advancement phase starts and continue until close. So, from the start of life until the close of life, learning is the evolving door for the pillar of failures to thrive, cultivate, and survive. We can determine our destiny by the level of passion, patience, perseverance, and prevailing we have to put into the fostering of our dreams. It's not enough to dream but is most sufficient to act on the passion.

To conclude, it is important for both parents/guardians and children to initiate the personal methodology in order to encourage growth, prosperity, and stability in the lives of those we are stewards over. During this journey of life, we must also understand that failure is a risk that will surely come throughout the entire personal journey and as stewards we must make aware, prepare, and provide methods to overcome these obstacles. Additionally, assure those in need that failures can be good and not bad because they are the pillars to successes that will follow. Remember, a Vision is the C.A.R. "Champions Achieving Risks" as long as we keep the ingredients in tact: Passion - is the fuel to success, Patience - is the engine the fuel goes into for progression, Perseverance - is the petal of pressure used to accelerate the vision, Prevailing - is the speed to which the vision succeeds.