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Limits and Fears Are Often Just an Illusion

This morning, I took my kids to school. The weather condition was cold and foggy; the fog was very dense, we could barely the road that led to the highway, but nonetheless, I had to get my kids to school. The sun was not shining yet, so the fog gave a dark gray color that looked very unfriendly and frightening. Limits and fears are just like this fog that I am telling you about, we tend to stop because we do not know what is inside that fog. Our own personal fog (limits and fears) prevents us from achieving our goal of being happy. Some of these limits and fears are:

1. Speaking in front of small and large crowds.
2. Not trying new things to better your life.
3. Being shy.
4. Not using your talents and skills to serve other people, to make their life even better.
5. Being monotonous and not spontaneous.

This article will show that these limits and fears are often just an illusion. That fog is just an illusion of fear and limits; when I took my kids to school, all I did was start-up the car, told my kids to get in, and off we went. We drove slowly through that fog, driving visibility was poor, but we arrived at our destination safely. Some of the pointers that I have listed above, I will go into further depth so that you can overcome any fear or limit and become an unstoppable force.

Being Shy

There is nothing with being a little quiet at some point in your life, but if you truly want to get ahead of your competition, then you need to open that mouth and speak. It will take a great deal of practice to overcome this limit, but over time, words will begin to flow from your mouth that will strengthen not only yourself, but your family, relationship with your spouse, at school, church, or at work.

Not Trying New Things to Better Your Life

There is a saying imprinted on one of my Wife's mirrors that says "You Can Do Hard Things." This life was not meant to live passively, but to be explorers and pioneers in our chosen fields of profession; even if you are not in school, you can still go out and do something that is new and fun, such as rock climbing, aviation, artistry, writer, inspirational speaker, gospel teacher (religion), or even an athlete. Once you have mastered a certain skill or talent, then move on to explore and develop a new talent. At this time, I am currently developing my talents as a writer and a helicopter pilot.

Not Using Your Talents and Skills to Serve Other People, to Make Their Life Even Better

There is no greater feeling in the world than to see that smile on the faces of the people you have served. As a writer, I am sharing some pointers and ideas that have helped me to find happiness and now I am sharing this knowledge with all of you so that you can change your life for the better. If you have a skill in woodworking, do not build furniture just for your family, but use that skill to help other families who may not be just as fortunate.

Some of the other pointers fall into these categories that I have talked about, but to be short in writing, you can see that limits and fears are often just an illusion. Please feel free to leave a comment about this article and share it with someone you know who is struggling to find happiness in this life.