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9 Steps to Being Unforgettable

Ah, those unforgettable people in our lives... what was it that made them so? Was it their beauty or masculinity, a call of the wild raw sex appeal, special secret scent or even their brilliant mind and accomplishments? How about personal wealth or social standing; could any of these have been the reasons we found them unforgettable? Why not, when they touch so many of our senses? But that's not it! To be unforgettable requires much more than these traits that cost so much to maintain.

Unforgettable requires things that come from within; traits that are particular to a person; those that touch us so deeply we wrap their memories in a blanket called unforgettable. What are these special attributes?

1) They notice things about us and our lives without their attention ever being directed to look closer. They notice inner pain; struggles, fears and dreams; they support and inspire us to rise to higher ground, to believe in ourselves. Somehow, these people see the best that can be in most things around them. Topping the list is to pay attention to that which you care about and those who matter in your life.

2) They remember... special dates, special times, what makes us feel secure or loved and what has caused the pain, and act accordingly to recreate it or avoid more of the same that hurt us.

3) They celebrate or commiserate with us on even the smallest things. This creates a sense of being loved and protected and a knowingness that they will be there for us.

4) They are quick to note our strengths and unafraid to voice those to others, creating a support system that can be counted on.

5) They are confident, unafraid to stand strong in the face of adversity; they stand without drama and stay the course.

6) They are never afraid to say, "I'm sorry" or "I was wrong," but only if it is true. They are not wishy-washy nor do they bend like reeds in the wind; this is why we respect them so.

7) They have a sense of humor and rarely take themselves or any challenge so seriously that it could interfere with being comfortable with who they really are.

8) Their priorities are about people, not wealth or status. Regardless of how busy their schedule is, they take the time to listen, share and let us know we matter. They have an innate understanding that the building blocks of life are labeled with integrity and honor in all things.

9) They have a zest for life that extends to people, animals and even nature. They freely express their gratitude about others actions or traits, noticing how they have benefited from them along the way. They are in touch with all things great and small, never fearing that this will in any way diminish them.

If being unforgettable is your goal, these are the traits that define it. It comes from within!