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It's The Leader's MIND That Matters Most!

Groucho Marx is generally credited with saying that it's a matter of mind over matter, and if you don't have a mind, it doesn't matter. Without the twirled cigar, raised eyebrows, or funny glasses, one gets to understand how our minds are very much like computers, in that if we put junk in, that's exactly what comes out! Perhaps nowhere is this more obvious, essential, and demonstrated, than when it comes to the quality and effectiveness of those in positions of leadership. One's mindset, attitude, and visualization, often becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy, and therefore, anyone seeking to lead, must not only develop and hone his skills, abilities, and all other relevant assets and strengths, but must begin by first tuning his MIND, in such a way, as to maximize the possibilities and alternatives, and, therefore, enhance his chances to become the best he can be!

1. Mental images; meaning; motives; motivations: 
Henry Ford is often credited with saying that one can either believe he can, or can't, and either way, he'd be correct. Why make achieving the best quality results more challenging by visualizing anything less than optimum results? When the image in your mind brings forth mental images that motivate you, to persist and persevere, it nearly automatically creates better eventual outcomes. What is the meaning of those thoughts, and what is your mental chatter, saying to you, and doing, either for, or against you? Do you cherish your motives, or question them? One of life's realities is that, when we first motivate ourselves positively, we transmit this positive, can-do image, to those we serve!

2. Imagination; ideas; ideology; integrity: 
Are you stuck in the mud or quagmire of merely attempting to tread water, or do you imagine a bright future, based on alternatives, better ideas, and a commitment to absolute integrity? Do you maintain the ability to consistently cherish the ideology, which your organization is based on?

3. Needs-centric; do it now: 
When was the last time you gave yourself a checkup from the neck up? Are you willing to be objectively introspective, and be certain, you proceed based on the needs, priorities and concerns, of those you serve, rather than being self-serving? When you believe you can, you become far more willing to proactively proceed, because, rather than wallow in your fears and reasons why you can't, and then proceed ahead, to do whatever needs to be done, now!

4. Delve deeply; deliver on promises; dare: 
Will you have the faith in your judgment, fairness, ability, expertise and wisdom, to delve deeply into issues, and discover the best possibilities? Rather than rely on empty rhetoric, will you become a quality leader, who will under-promise, but under-deliver? Do you believe enough in your views, that you will dare to be great, rather than settle for lesser performances?

If you want to lead, you need many skills, assets and abilities. However, unless you first address your MIND, most of those will never really matter!!&id=9311624