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Every Notable Work Is At First Impossible!

The impossible is notably, possible! This phenomenon has been proven over and over throughout history, yet our human nature still won't let many of us believe this. Thank God for a few stubborn people who refuse to give up on their dreams, and occasionally do show us the true capacity of human beings.

Christopher Columbus was told the world was flat and that he would sail right off the end of it if he attempted to sail east looking for a spice trade route. Columbus stubbornly believed in his convictions, and in the end he proved that one could sail east from Europe and not fall off the end of the earth.

Can you think of any examples of something that you may have done that might have seemed impossible just a short time ago? Maybe you play sports and just a few years ago it might have seemed impossible for you to dunk a basketball, but now you're thinking that it just might be within your reach. Maybe you're into theater, and singing and performing in front of a large crowd seemed terrifying to you just a few years ago, but not so today. Or, maybe you can't believe that you're finally about to graduate from school...

It's not just the famous people with their notable works, like Columbus, that prove on a daily basis that the impossible is possible. But notably it's also every one of us, every single day that prove the once impossible is possible after all. And this in itself, in our everyday lives, is very notable indeed.

So let's get out there and pick bigger impossibilities to conquer! Let's set sail and leave the safety of the harbor. Let's stop hugging the familiar shoreline. And when things get tough let's demand "One more day."

Now families, go learn, lead, and lay the way to a better world for all of us. Remember, every notable work is at first impossible. So go be notable and do the impossible. And once again, thanks in advance for all that you do, and all that you will do...!&id=9320531