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A Leader Is a Role Model for Generations to Follow

A leader is not the one who goes by the title, position or the authority. A true leader is a person of real values who leaves a rich legacy behind. He might not be doing greater things, but he may lead others to do the greatest.

The inner potential and the power from within does not have any boundaries. If you achieve the inner capability by practicing hardships and facing tough circumstances, you will certainly turn into an individual with high morality.

A leader is not born, he is created. The process of the self improvement for several years make a person perfect in one discipline. A leader is created among the millions. A true leader is a role model for others.

Several qualities must be practiced to become a leader. The leaders are not the people who do the things depending upon the liking and disliking of the masses. They follow a fixed path which is toughest. Without facing hardships and challenges, nobody can achieve the state of excellence.

A leader is a life-hunter. He is a kind of philosopher who understands the purpose of the individual life. He has the ability to influence others by his acts. A dictator is not a good leader. He does not ask the people to follow him. The followers get impressed by his personality and strength.

Leadership is not a display of power, rather it is sincere efforts of an individual to lead others in a positive direction. A self learning process must lead to the path of happiness for the others.

Some of the qualities which a leader must posses are:

1) Self Improvement

A leader is a learner. He is a person who follows others and inculcate their good habits quickly. He does not criticize others. Instead, he creates a path which others follow. For setting this tough path, he is in a self learning mode always.

Humans are the mixture of positive and negative habits. Both the traits go hand in hand and ruling over one' s personality. The success is a result of hard work, good fortune and self discipline. But once it is achieved, negative tendencies like, proud, arrogance and power start ruling on us. This is the time to move into the path of destruction otherwise every single human being has his own achievements.

The commitment to oneself and thirst of learning brings our focus back on our growth. A healthy comparison sometimes helps you to move away from the negative tendencies. At the same time, self respect and self confidence, have equal importance. A leader does not fear for anything. A fearless person under all circumstances can only deserves to be called a leader.

When one conquers his weaknesses and learns from every fall and dares to get up again, he is a true leader. Hardships are the reality. By avoiding them, you will become cowards.

2) Sharp perception and sound knowledge

Give hundred thoughts to bring any perception into action and be not a foolish to react immediately without thinking. It is very important to update yourself with the latest trends and gain knowledge on various topics. It will be foolish to comment on any topic without thoughts. The words can work like the sword which will break the relationship.

It is important to use nice words while having a conversation. A sharp perception of the situation must be taken before taking any action. A leader must inculcate this habit and polish himself everyday in terms of increasing knowledge and learning the traits of the speech.

3) A success story

A leader must have a success story behind to impress. Even the topmost leaders of the world were not known till they achieved big in their lives. The mastery of life lies in building good remarkable records with the noble character.

For living a life of purpose, you need to make many sacrifices in your life. The short term targets must be achieved. Self Improvement and self assessment will be a ladder to accomplish your success story.

When you start leading a life with the mission, then you take the complete responsibility of your circumstances and the immediate environment. In a due course of time, the leadership quality is bound to become the integral part of your personality. But this leadership does not carry any negative influence. Staying unaffected by the power of money and people is the foremost quality of a good leader.

4) Mission of the Life

A common man becomes a leader when he has a mission in his life. To live life for a meaningful purpose by remembering each and every small favor which others have done for him. This is going to expand his life as a human being.

All of us are struggling to overcome our sufferings as humans. These are the big opportunities to change our attitude towards life. This is a never ending lesson for which we have to give exam daily. The end of a human life determines the grades of the individual. To live a purposeful life, one has to have a strong mission in his life.

The question arises, how to recognize that mission? I, am not wise enough to decide my mission. The individual fortune which we have accumulated from our past comes into the picture here. It is our good fortune from the remote past, which helps us to encounter a mentor in our life.

A mentor is a person who has demonstrated the path to lead a life in a victorious way. He does not hide the obstacles and misfortunes of his life. Rather, he portrays the ideal behavior to overcome the hardships of the life. He is a true leader. He fights along with you and guides you to achieve your mission.

The self improvement in one's personality and to build the leadership qualities by accepting defeats and fighting with your negative tendencies is not at all easy. One has to undergo the process of human revolution, only the mentor who has himself gone through this process can help you.

5) Compassion and Conviction for others to lead a happy life

One most essential quality of a leader is to have the compassion for the others. This compassion must be unlimited and not subject to the human conditions and circumstances. If you have a million dollar and you are to donate one dollar as charity, anyone will do that. But if you have just two dollars then, will the spirit of donation be the same?

A human has to undergo through a process to bring out a state of unconditional compassion. With compassion, the conviction comes. The conviction defines the solidarity of your thoughts.

These two qualities can lead a human being to reach to a state of unsurpassed happiness. This state of happiness will lead you to become a great leader.