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Find Contentment and Happiness When Your Plans Change

Some people are highly driven people by nature. They have their lives mapped out well in advance of ever executing it. Highly driven people can struggle to find contentment and happiness, because they are always looking for the next thing to happen.

What Happens When Your Whole Life is Mapped Out

With someone that has a plan for their lives, the slightest deviation from it can really cause them to struggle. They are going along and... something changes... life doesn't go according to plan.

This can happen to anyone. For example, career changes are a huge game changer. This is particularly true if your partner or significant other is the one who is changing their career. When it is the other person that makes the major life change, it affects yours in many ways.

Have you ever had that happen to you? Someone comes in and completely wrecks your plans? I know I've had that happen. It can be really difficult to recover when someone else plays a huge part in changing your life.

When The Plan Changes

So often, when the plan changes, you will struggle to get your life back on course. Depending on how severe the change, being happy and content doesn't seem achievable.

Those that have their lives mapped out well in advance hit an even bigger crisis than those that play it by the seat of their pants. They aren't used to being flexible and figuring out how to go with the flow.

I think all of us are guilty of living in the future to a degree. You are always working towards that end goal. Unfortunately, if you live in the future and not the present, you miss out on so much. It actually breeds dissatisfaction in life because you are constantly chasing the something you can never have... and that's tomorrow.

Learning to Live in the Present Helps You Be Content

I'm not saying you should go through life without a plan at all or something to look forward to. However, reaching your life goals should never take place of your current happiness. When you spend so much time working towards the life you want to have... you don't stop to enjoy the life that you do have.

Find Happiness in Your Day to Day Life

Do you ever find yourself going through the "when" scenarios in your mind? For example,

When I make more money, I'll be happy.

When I have my ideal home, I'll feel content.

When my body looks the way I want it to, I'll feel happy.

When... when... when...

Here's what I have learned in life... if I can't be happy in the here and now... I won't be happy when...

Right now, I think you would greatly benefit from just working to feel satisfied with what you have; not what you hope to have.