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Can You Be Spiritual and Have Monetary Riches Too?

I think this is a question each person secretly asks in one way, shape or form.The answer is so simple, I could state it all in a single paragraph.

Heck yes! You not only have a right to be rich, you've got a mandate from the universal mind to make manifest and express as much prosperity and riches as your heart truly desires. And what about being spiritual? Being abundant and prosperous is spiritual... Of course we have overtime disdained the concept of prosperity and money has been attached to all kinds of evils to the point where it almost feels unnatural to speak of riches when talking about higher awareness, but stripped of all the falsehood that was made by man, riches are indeed spiritual.

For most people, it takes decades of trial and error before they finally come to the realization that riches of all kinds are meant to be enjoyed and appreciated even by the spiritual man. It may have been that some well-meaning individual wanted to protect the masses when this idea of riches being evil got spun out of control. Hopefully we can start shifting such ideas for you especially if like me, you have a passion for touching lives as well as leading a good life.

What does the Bible really say about riches?

In the book of Mathew the 19th chapter, we find the teaching given by Christ regarding the rich man where he taught that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. This idea got so misinterpreted over time that majority of people today would argue that being rich means you've traded your blessings for riches.

In another famous passage found in 1st Timothy that's also greatly misunderstood, we are told that for the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. It seems to the logical mind that perhaps religion and other schools of thought that give riches a bad taste might be right. But I want to suggest that it is possible for an individual to gather information and logically analyse it, yet it doesn't guarantee that they will touch the truth and meaning contained in the information. Since everything is a matter of subjective understanding and perceptions, is it not possible that in the past, those who influenced mass type of thinking may have perceived only partial truth?

Given the limitations of past generations, their beliefs gave them a certain kind of reality which served them based on the level of their awareness but you and I are in a new and advancing era. We are in the modern age of science and technology where advancement is peaking and life is only getting bigger and better. If we don't work at reconciling some of the truths that have been lost over time, it'll be a real struggle creating a meaningful life.

Here's a better and more powerful way of understanding this hot topic:

Firstly, the Bible has never been against riches or money. The love of money and prosperity for the sake of these things alone is what it warns us against. Anytime you are going to chase after money and prosperity, even if you acquire it, believe me it's going to carry with it unpleasant consequences. The law of our being requires us to be centred in truth and anything that is material cannot be truth; it can only be the temporary clothing of a hidden truth.

That eternal Truth is what the Bible calls God and it is for this reason that you find in all teachings contained within the emphasis that you should first seek truth, first seek God and his righteousness. Keep him as your focus and let all else be secondary to him. In other words, you are promised that as long as you don't seek prosperity for its own sake but instead seek to manifest your true purpose and destiny, the rest must be added unto you.

Christ never meant that being rich excluded you from the kingdom for did he not rebuke the idea of poverty and lack? He knows riches are blessings and they are from the All-Originating life principle. But he wanted us to know that there's more to life than acquiring worldly possessions. In fact my thinking on this is double-sided because on the one hand, growing up in poverty in Africa, I know that suffering in lack is not virtuous at all.The poor man cannot enter the kingdom either. So the poor man and the rich man are both condemned and excluded from the kingdom because both are enslaved by money. Both are in bondage to money although they stand on opposite ends of the stick.

Here's the beautiful truth I want to leave you with:

The perfect expression that God is looking for in you is being able to connect spiritually to the truth, creating a kingdom-based foundation upon which your life can be built and trusting implicitly on the blessings that must reign in your world when you learn how to cultivate the right mindset. Aligning the spiritual and material aspects of you is that will bring you a meaningful and blessed experience of life. Money and prosperity that comes by as a result of living from your passion and purpose will always feel blessed and good. Living from your purpose requires and integration of higher values and right knowledge about who you are; so the spiritual aspect must naturally come into play.

This is why I can honestly tell you to relax, be easy with yourself. Know that you came here for no less than greatness and you were never meant to choose between being spiritual and having monetary riches. It's always been supposed to be available for you in as much abundance as you need; but you need to unlearn much of what you've learnt and reconnect with the storehouse that contains all you've ever wanted.