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The Key to Living a Purposeful Life

Most people at some point in their life have entertained the question, "What is my purpose?" It seemed to be a natural human instinct. I was also one of those people. In fact, for most of my life it was an all-consuming, burning questions. I think I was so pesky the Universe finally provided all the answers I ever wanted. It turned out, finding one's purpose is really not that difficult.

The fact is, since you were born, you are serving a purpose, whether you are aware of that purpose or not. But what I am talking about here points to that nagging question in some of us' head, that feeling that there is something we are supposed to be doing, that feeling of discontent. Something is calling to us, only it isn't just a feeling... No one can tell you what the answer is, for no one has the exact same life experiences that have made you, well, you. A unique, precious creation, complete with your own unique faults and virtues.

To turn that feeling, that yearning of the soul for a purpose, if you will, try the following steps:

Connect to that yearning in your body: 
Connect to that feeling inside of your body, not just your head. Ask yourself what do you wish to create and to contribute. For the yearning for a purposeful life really means you want to serve life in some capacity that you currently are not. Be very honest with yourself. For example, one might think that having a child is self serving, but what you are really doing is bringing a life into this world. You are being the vessel by which life expresses itself. You ARE serving a larger purpose.

Connect to the emotions behind your yearnings: 
Are these undesirable emotions that need to be released and healed. Your healing benefits all those around you, and ultimately benefits the Universe itself as we are all connected at the energetic level.

Review your life experiences: 
What can you do with the life experiences you have to serve others? Whether you are a great cook who could share your love of food with others, or you recovered from a serious illness who could share your courage and perseverance to encourage others, your experiences matter. Turn your triumph or even failure into chances to serve others.

Declare your intent: 
Write down your intent. Then declare it verbally as affirmations. Be specific. Use "I am", "I will", "I allow", and other creative words in your affirmations. Affirm often but keep your intents to yourself, unless you are absolutely sure the person you want to share your intention with will wholeheartedly support you.

Come up with a tangible plan: 
Passion is great to get your started. Practicality is necessary to get you to the finish line. Be honest with your current situation, whether it be time, money or other resources. Start small, but start anyway. Take one step at a time.

Celebrate small achievements: 
Encourage yourself by celebrating small mile stones.

Course correct: 
Sometimes after we've started down a path, we realize it's not really what we want. That is OK! Repeat the above steps until your heart sings with joy every time you take a step towards realizing your purposeful life.