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Are You Killing Time?

We are all given a certain amount of time to create the life we desire. For every person on this earth, our life span only grows smaller as the days, months, and seconds pass by. You can't buy, grow or ask for more time. You can only lose time.

The majority of us have no idea how much time we have left. This is a mystery. Think about someone you know who has been given a tough diagnosis of a few months or years to live. Their life drastically changes because they can now identify how much time they have left, and start doing what is really meaningful to them.

A downside to having no idea of your life span is giving yourself too much time to accomplish what needs to be done. It becomes easy to sit back and waste time because there is no pressure or urgency inside you.

Understand the value of time. You have the POWER to prevent wasted time, and you also have the power to kill time!

Unfortunately the majority of us use our powers to kill time. Time is literally the most powerful resource we have. You can save up money, but not time. You can invest in money, but not time. You can also share money, but not time.

If you have ever looked back at the last few months or years and feel like you are in the same place as you were 12 months ago, begin putting these steps into action.

1. Have Patience And Pressure Yourself To Maximize Your Time

2. Become Incredibly Clear How You Want To Use Your Time On Earth

3. Plan Your Week

I like to take Sunday evening and plan my week ahead. I also know that life happens, so every night I write down my goals for the next day as well. 
Schedule that time by actually setting an alarm on your phone, so you are committed to doing it.

The same goes with anything that is important to you such as family time and workout time. The more concrete you get with your block of time, the better.

4. Schedule Down Time

Maybe this is family time, watching your favorite TV shows, reading a book, gardening, etc. Take moments for uninterrupted 'me' time.

Let your brain breathe!

5. Keep A Time Tracking Journal

This is absolute money to me! If you don't do anything else, keeping a time tracking journal will drastically make the biggest difference.

Start out with 48 hours, then start tracking 7 days and quickly take notes on what you are doing. How much time do you spend following and commenting on friends posts on Facebook?

A time tracking journal is the one thing that is absolute money to me. I challenge you to see how much more productive you become in your life.