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Finding Your Center

Are you familiar about Yoga class? In Yoga class the instructor would often tell the students to find their center. The instructor means the student should try to focus on discarding all outside influences and establish within himself a calm and serene mind. Upon achieving this state the student will then start to know the true nature of thoughts that are parading on his mind.

The calm and serene state of mind is the real state of our mind. Mind is like a blank paper that whatever you wrote on it will be identified with the paper. This is the same with mind that whatever thought you entertain your mind will Identify with it. We should accept that whether we like it or not our mind has its own nature which we are bound to recognize in this life.

In finding our center we will learn that mind is one of our tools while living in this world. It is one of the powerful faculties that we have not yet perfected to use. The complexity of our mind makes us a very different being in this world with the highest potential for growth. Although serene and calm in its original state the mind is full packed with universal energy that can affect not only the person but also everything outside it.

Once you find your center you will begin resolving problems easier than when your mind is not focused. Because in being with your center you will learn that focus or concentration is the best approach in problem solving. You will learn to manage your emotions and mentality as if they are also one of the tools that you have the access to improve your maturity over life.

In finding your center you will realize that everything we have only serves us. Our ability to use them will be optimized once you realized that being the center of your being you are very alive and not limited. But finding your center is very hard to achieve even the oldest person in this world might have not yet grown closer in knowing his very center.

It might take us our lifetime to at least achieve a closer realization of being with our center. Our everyday battles in life and all its joys and sorrows simply push us closer to being with our center. We will realize that joys and sorrows are just means that will lead us into finding our very center in our being.

Simply put, the center of our being is like the watcher of different movies in television. The watcher will feel the actions and emotions of the characters in the movie but in the end he will realize that all that he watched was just a movie and doesn't have anything  to do with him.