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Do You Have What It Takes To Be A WINNER?

How often have you heard or participated in a discussion about winning in some aspect of life? We are often challenged because many of us have different definitions, and/or opinions, about what this actually involves! The process, and the associated mindset, often becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy, in that, it relates directly to whether we proceed with a positive, can-do attitude, or a far more negative, doom-and-gloom mindset. Winning involves a number of relevant components, but, perhaps most importantly, each of us have to be brutally honest with ourself, and look with an objective introspection, to determine not only how to define it, but whether we have what it takes to actually be a WINNER.

1. What; why; with whom: What are you ready, willing and able to do, in order to become the best you can? When will you do so, and will it be far earlier than later? Will you proactively take timely action, or will you become simply another of those procrastinators? With whom, will you work, to do what you seek to accomplish, and will you be capable of handling adversity?

2. Ideals; integrity; ideology; imagination: Will you waffle, or will you remain true to your core ideals, even when you adjust and evolve? True winners maintain absolute integrity, without any excuses, and never blame others! They are solutions-oriented, rather than dwelling on blaming and complaining. They take ownership of their personal ideology, and combine it with having the imagination to visualize what others often overlook!

3. Needs; necessities: Have you taken a look at what your central needs and necessities are? How will you address them in a positive, proactive manner? Will you take baby steps, consistently, to bring you to the path you seek?

4. Nerve: Are you confident and brave, or afraid of commitment, being blamed, making a mistake, or losing popularity? Can you handle everyday stresses in a constructive way, or will you let them create stress, that overwhelm you?

5. Eagerness; energy; excitement; enrichment: How eagerly do you proceed forward, in order to become better and more content? Do you maintain a high level of constructive energy, which drives you to persist and persevere? Would achieving your plans excite and energize you, because if it would not, you should consider whether they are truly your goals? How will winning successfully and constructively, enrich both you, and those you impact, etc?

6. Reach; relevant; realistic: How will you reach that place you seek and desire? Have you evolved yourself and your goals, on a consistent and regular basis, to assure your previous goals, are still relevant and important? Forget the pie-in-the-sky, wishful thinking, approach, but develop a rational, realistic way, to achieve what you want!

Don't just say you're a winner! Do you truly, have what it takes, to be a real WINNER?